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  1. Johnny-Kat the shop cat, always around to give his opinion.
  2. Great series from the Coldwarmotors gang, that last episode had me cracking up. I'd much rather watch these guys save and breath life into these old jalopies than any of the phony crap car shows on Motor Trend.
  3. I like the look! may I ask where you got them from? would like to put a set in my 51 Hudson. Thanks
  4. I bet, especially those from the mile long 8 cylinder hoods, however my current hinge is in 2 pieces, so anything decent will be an improvement. I just can't justify the cost of getting these hinges rebuilt at this time as I am just trying to get the car road worthy at this point. Thank you very much, I really appreciate you taking the time to look for one.
  5. Looking for a good R/H (passenger side) hood hinge for a 47 Chrysler NYer, I believe its the same hinge for all Chryslers from 46 to 48. Thanks, Ron
  6. A couple of 63 Cadillac convertibles, one is an Eldorado.
  7. Yeah, I don't mind some leakage right now, as long as it doesn't foul the clutch. My goal right now, is to get it going down the road safely, then to address non-essential items one at a time.
  8. Planning on staying stock, but that will depend on how much of it needs replacing and condition of drums. If I need to replace everything (very likely) I will consider a Scarebird disc conversion for the fronts, as I believe it would not cost that much more to go that way. Speaking of drums, replacements seem to be very scarce, especially for the eight cylinder cars.
  9. Well she's mobile now! Both trans and coupling were pretty low on oil, took about 3/4 of a gallon between them, hope I don't have a massive leak somewhere (nothing showing yet). Now to get it in the garage and address brakes and fuel system.
  10. Thanks, hoping it's just the oil level, good to know they naturally slip a bit when starting off. This thing is pretty unique and has traits all it's own! I do have an owners manual and looking to do a complete re-wire. I have learned a lot from you and many others by use of the search function and I really appreciate it!
  11. I should also add that I have the ignition system isolated because of the old ratty wiring and am getting no power to the Fluid Drive electrical components.
  12. After getting my 47 New Yorker running well, I attempted to go for a yard drive. I can feel the transmission engage when I release the clutch but I must rev the engine pretty high to get it to barely move in low or reverse, won't move at all in high. Wheels are all free spinning and parking brake is releasing (I can see a gap all around e brake band). I checked oil level in trans and fluid coupling and both appear low, I will get the proper oil this weekend. My question is would low oil level cause this lack of movement issue? Thanks Ron
  13. Thanks, I did a re-check with the lower reading cylinders with some oil and they jumped up about 15 PSI, so I guess I have some blow by in those cylinders, will have to be addressed someday, but for now I think it will work until I get her cruising down the road.
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