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  1. I still have the side lamp. Any offers? Thanks, Rick
  2. Make an offer on the light, I'd like to see someone use it rather than sit in a box here. Rick.
  3. Thanks for the information everyone. Sales pending on the hubcap. Rick
  4. I have a couple Cadillac parts I'm never going to use. Not sure of exact years. I can send more pictures. If any knows what years there for let me know I'll update the ad. Thanks. I'd guess early teens Gray & Davis headlamp, few dings in ring, one on back side. Mounting bracket has number 14347-8. $150 plus shipping. I'd guess 20's or 30's hub cap. $50 plus shipping
  5. There are only 2 lights. Thank you for the information.
  6. I have these 2 headlamps. Any idea what they may have come off of? The Tilt Ray is about 9 5/8" diameter by 5 1/2" deep and the American Flat Lite 10" by 6 1/2". Thanks, Rick