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  1. We can only hope. I do feeel like this will be a one or two model year car though
  2. A friend of mines father installed an aftermarket sunroof in her 99 lesabre when it was her grandmothers. Granted he’s one of the best mechanics in my area she said it was terrible and Barely worked. From that and a few guys at college who did that conversion. I’d also steer clear of it
  3. There are a fair number of allantes for sale by me too. Two of the ones I’ve seen in the last year have actually been at dealerships. My first show I went to I parked next to an allante
  4. I don’t know if it’s just the area of the country I live in but I’ve seen significantly more allante’s in the wild than Reattas. Just this last week I saw three different allantes. I’ve only seen two other reattas since I’ve known of them. And by now about 10- 12 Allantes. This is excluding junk yards but then I’m only up to 7 reattas. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  5. Just saw this on Facebook market place said they were restored and parkedfor four to five years. At an estate sale so may be able to get for a better deal. Not mine
  6. @azreattacollector that is amazing that you have two consecutive VIN number cars. Even if those were something common that would still be extremely impressive. I’d totally try to go to a show and park them next to each other. And make sure you have some sort of sign explaining that.
  7. The spreadsheet is a pretty good tool. I started making a list of all the one of one 91s. Probably should get back to finishing that. Barney did you ever get my PM from a few weeks ago concerning the five cars in a junkyard by me?
  8. Driftwood coupe with some sort of electrical problem. 74k probably a good deal for someone
  9. One of the coolest records I have found was Walter Cronkites live broadcast of the moon landing. Both my parents were under ten when that happens but it gives me a feel for what it must have been like.
  10. That’s a very impressive collection. Is it for sale as one big bundle or everything individually? That neon sign is very cool. But I’m safely assuming that’s one of the very big ticket items.
  11. That actually makes sense. All my cars have been first year more or less. I had a 95 dodge neon. And a 97 lesabre. The neon had 1995 on it. The lesabre had 97. My 98 lesabre has 97 but I assumed that was because it was made that year.
  12. Noticed this while washing my car the other day. Couldn’t find anything on here as to why the DOT date isn’t the year my car was built. My assumption is they made enough for 25000 or so cars in 1987 but didn’t use them all. Every other car I have owned and my parents have had has the date of the year the car was made. Just thought this was interesting.
  13. I know I haven’t seen many for sale. I know of three Skyhawks for sale within 100 miles of NYC. 2 84s and an 82. All very low miles and under 3k each. There’s two skylarks of similar vintage also same ballpark price and miles. I’ve only seen one t type lesabre and that was in a junkyard. See some for sale here and there. But really not to often.
  14. Went to my local cruise in night. As always the only Reatta. I did find out about a third one in my county. A guy who’s the mechanic for an old lady says she has a 88 or 89 that’s white and grey.
  15. My 91 if the stereo is on in any way whether it be radio cassette or CD the antenna is up. Your probably fine.
  16. Thanks Barney. I’ll make sure to save that link. I believe the original owner meant it was the last one at that dealership. The title says July 10th 1991 for the date bought. So that’s pretty near the end of the model year
  17. I couldn’t find anything when searching on here on where to find on the car what day it was actually completed. I’m assuming it’s something to do with the tags on the door or in the trunk. I’m really curious to see when my car was built as it’s VIN 068 of the 91s and the original owner said it was the last one on the lot.
  18. I found VIN 199 on Facebook marketplace today. Red/tan 16 way seats. 94k guy wants 4950
  19. Here’s an early 88 on eBay
  20. @DAVES89 I bought my 91 reatta as a classic so I was looking for one with low miles. Bought it with 46600. But I totally see why people like you get really up there in the mileage. It’s so damn fun to drive. I’m the second owner and the original owner bought it in November of 91. Only had 1000 miles on it in 1999. So I got lucky I guess. I’m fully planning on doing the full 3k a year my insurance allows though. So I got to put another 1500 on it by the end of July.
  21. Went to my local cruise in night yesterday. Parked next to a 41 century and a 1990 Oldsmobile touring sedan. The owner of the olds also has a 89 reatta that he’s going to bring to this event once he sells his olds. I also got pulled over for having my period correct plates on. The cop was suprised to learn that my car was register and insured as a classic to those plates. So no ticket for me.
  22. There was a 29 at the Long Island Buick show last weekend. Owner said he had it since 1956. Was a very interesting car.
  23. Replaced my antenna again found out the fuse was bad. I thought I checked that first but whatever I now have the correct antenna rather than a reproduction one. Also discovered this wire under my drivers seat. I’m assuming it’s for the 16 way seats.
  24. Well that took like five minutes. Are the mirror lights supposed to come on with the interior lights? Or are they separate?