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1910 Pickard

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  1. Good memory sir, the gentleman I purchased the Pickard from bought it at one of Harrahs auctions!
  2. I nice looking builds you have there Wayne, I know I’ve seen a few of them while researching on the net. All the expensive work was done by one of the previous owners (my Jordan, engine, custom parts) in my heart of hearts I’m a preservationist. But this is how it came to me and the price was right. attached is a photo of my 1910 Pickard, (fenders and hood were painted with a brush before is was born and the running gear back in the late 80’s other than that it’s basically original and the last one in existence) Ive spent the last 15 years sourcing original parts (buying more
  3. I’m looking for a 26-28 Jordan radiator shell, hood, and cowl. Can be in any shape (useable or pattern) thanks Dave picture is what I have to start with....
  4. Wayne this is what I have..... go out and find me some original Jordan parts..... thank you for not contributing anything constructive.
  5. Wheels are Model A I think, they’re going at some point
  6. This is what was a Jordan, the engine would indicate it was built in 1927, but the radiator shell doesn’t match up with any pictures I can find?.... in the end it will be a very well done speedster. Anyone know this car? It came out of Michigan I think but now it’s in CA waiting on me and $...
  7. I assume it's still available? Im interested. Where about are you located? Thanks, Dave
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