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  1. For sure, absolutely understand 100%. The thing with this car is that I know the history of it pretty much from day 1. The second owner was a close family friend and well respected antique car collector, who was heavily in the "don't touch it" category. This was his first old car purchase in or around 1957. Other than having the body overpainted in the 60's and making whatever mech tweaks were required to keep it driveable, he really didn't touch it. If he did my father and grandfather would know about it, as they were great friends through that entire time period. So that leaves the only possibility of an older restoration or changes taking place between 1920 and 1957 by the original owner. The second owner knew the family of the first owner, and the first owner personally, so an older restoration would be known about and information transferred to the second (I don't know how common restoration projects on cars like this would be pre 57, but I'm guessing not common at all). Plus, the second owner had a lot of old cars, so while the DB was driven occasionally over the years (post 57), it was by no means a weekly or monthly, or even yearly driver. The majority of the original wear then was accumulated between 1920 and 1957....throw an older restoration in there and you don't have the wear. I think in the case of this car, provenance is key...and it feels right. At the end of day I'm tickled to own it ... thanks everyone.
  2. A pic of the headlight and the "Knight Rebound Controller" as were commented on in an earlier post. The body of the car was overpainted black by the second owner at some point in the 1960's or so.
  3. Engine pics. The stamp on the block reads "4 13 20".
  4. Really scratching my head as to how this could not be the original interior. If it was replaced, it would have to be during the 1920's...and what would have necessitated that? This interior is in decent shape given the age, but has all the right wear. The original purchaser was a bachelor who lived with his mother, so it's not like he had a bunch of kids ripping up the upholstery.
  5. Appreciate everyone’s thoughts, I will try and upload some more detailed pictures tomorrow. I’m located in Ontario Canada, and as far as I know the car was purchased at a dealership here. Would the Canadian aspect have anything to do with any of the inconsistencies that have been pointed out?
  6. Appreciate everyone’s thoughts. Trimacar, Curious how you know it’s not the original top? I figured it was, looks very original to me.
  7. Hello All....I recently acquired this totally original and unrestored 1920 Dodge Brothers Touring from the estate of a family friend who passed away a few months ago. He had purchased it around 1957 from the original purchaser, so I'm the 3rd owner. It was last driven around 10 years ago and ran fine. I haven't tried to start it yet, because I wanted to get some information before I give it a go (I'm not familiar with these cars...). A few questions I have: 1) Positive or negative ground? (I'm aware it's 12 volt) 2) The gas tank is in the back, but I heard there's also a vacuum tank that needs fuel for it to start? 3) Any advice on where to set the spark advance? 4) As far as I can tell, and from conversation with the previous owner, the top has NEVER been down on this car (and there are no bracket's at the rear for holding the top, but the holes are present). The top feels pliable, but I'm concerned about damaging it if I tried to lower it (I would love to have the top in working order). Any advice? Thanks!