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  1. It was in wildwood, i had to parallel park that day with manual steering and brakes
  2. So i need the one thats on the car? And also will the carb from the 6 cylinder work? Maybe it will be easier to have mine rebuilt
  3. Just for kicks heres a few of my other classics.. my 56 buick, and 66 newport
  4. Hey guys my name is Dave, im 30 from NJ. Classic cars are and have always been my passion. I have had well over 40 classics from about age 13 through now (and another 20 or so newer cars and bikes) anyway I just grabbed a 50 pontiac this weekend she needs a decent amount of love, shes at my cousins engine shop right now im having him look over her and get her goin. Its a straight 8. Its missing the valve covers and i also wanna get a carb for it. The car is too far gone for me to do a resto. But shes got solid bones and the bodys very decent so my plan is to get the motor/trans/rear/brakes in order then maybe clear coat the body as is put a fresh set of wide whites under her, do the interior and drive her. Here she is. Do you guys have any idea where to find parts for this car that arnt outrageously over priced? Im not worried about keeping it stock at this point