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  1. 1: I ran a new 8 gauge wire from alternator to battery. (It is a # 7294 powermaster alternator with optional 2 prong plug.) are these next steps? 2: Ground the green wire coming out of the regulator (Gen) post. 3: Disconnect white(gen) and pink (field) from the regulator. (The yellow wire looks to be grounded to outside of regulator box.just remove?) 4: is the Bat terminal on the regulator the charge indicator ? If so, can i unplug the black plug from the alternator and run a wire from number 1 terminal to Bat terminal on regulator? see pic. Thanks for the help Joseph,
  2. I have installed a one wire alternator on my 59. Do i run a wire from alternator directly to battery? What do i do with the generator wires? (red yellow white) here is a picture. Also what to do with external regulator. Is any of this tied to the push to start? Thanks
  3. Thank you for the offer Long Roof, another member has offered me the correct dipstick !
  4. Looking for a Dynaflow Dipstick 1957 - 1960 part # 1185183 Mine was missing. Thanks
  5. Thanks Bob, The search continues !
  6. I am restoring a 59Buick. It has twin turbine dynaflow. It did not come with the dipstick. Having a hard time finding one. Is this a one year only dipstick ? or would another year work? Thanks
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