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  1. Sorry, can't manage to rotate photo. Hood ornament resembles a Cadillac but car definitely not a Cadillac. i cannot decipher the hubcap.
  2. Do you have front shocks for a 1941 Packard Super Eight model 1903 coupe?
  3. Thank you so much, nzcarnerd! From what I just saw of Maxwell photos, my guess is 1909 give or take a year. Where do you live, alsancle? Many people east of Worcester have never heard of Tyringham. Have you heard of Ripton, MA?
  4. My newlywed grandparents are being driven in this photo posed in front of 592 Broadway, Albany, NY, on their way from Tyringham, MA, to the Albany train station for honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls. The date is June 9, 1913. The car was owned by my great uncle in from passenger seat. It has a hood and radiator similar to a Packard of the era but nothing else resembles a Packard. Can anyone help identify? Thanks, Neil Hourihan These photos are low quality screenshots. 24. MB files would not load.
  5. The groove around the outer circumference suggests the bushing is meant to move. Fixed bushings usually have a round hole or slot for grease to passthrough. If it is too loose my guess is the knuckle is worn.
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