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  1. Rusty, these items are stored in a metal building loft. if someone is really interested and wants to check out all of this truck / parts the best way to do that is be here in person with a trailer, look everything over and make an offer. he isn't trying to get rich and just wants it to go to a good home. he wants to take it out of a couple of storage locations one time. i know the best way would be to itemize everything and post it for the world to see. he has a fork lift to load the heavier stuff and if and when the time comes that he wants to take it down / out and take pictures i will help
  2. When Bob found this truck years ago his plan was to rebuild the body and install a more modern drive assembly. Sadly that never happened and there must be someone somewhere that would like to take a stab at it.
  3. Rusty, all the wooden parts have been under cover and can be used as a pattern or in some cases fixed and used. it will definitely need a master's touch. it is complete and ready for an expert inspection in Georgetown, TX
  4. Dave, yes we still have it and would love to get it in the hands of someone that could use it. Bob Erickson is the owner, give him a call 512-863-7444 - home phone. He has the manual for the truck and has looked for the frame number but even knowing where to look hasn't been able to locate it. He will look for the engine number and measure the frame. i will post that info on this page. p.s. he may not answer an un recognized phone number but leave a message and i am sure he will return your call. he won't have the info until after the week-end, thanks, jerry
  5. jpage, i in fact forgot to mention that he has the shop and owners manual and it is a 1927 graham brothers truck. i thought there may be a chance that a graham or dodge brothers expert might be interested in this and actually hoping someone close by would take a look. again, i don't have this in my shop and not involved in the disassembly over 15 years ago. when we get a knowledgeable expert contact maybe this machine can be saved, maybe not but i think there's some interest and don't mind all the suggestions. thanks
  6. George, you are right and if was in my garage / shed that's exactly what should be done. there is no title, think it belonged to brook army hospital in San Antonio at one time. I was talking with him one day about that truck, where he got it and why. I suggested we see if anyone would like to check this out in person. someone that knows these machines and can get it back on the road. I assure you he does not expect to get rich with this machine and just wants it to be restored. the first knowledgeable person that checks it out and makes a fair offer will own this. bring your trailer, he has a
  7. ok guys, i know these aren't the best pics and the truck in the post is not this one just one i found. it's stored in pieces in a metal building in a loft and not where i can pull them down easily. if there is any interest and an in person inspection made we will pull each piece. this would be a large project and my friend that owns it is now over 80 with no plans to start it. he has had it for 15 years and when he got it started inspecting and taking it apart piece by piece and that's where we're at here.
  8. in georgetown tx, near Austin. just need someone to come check this machine out and make an offer.
  9. we have a complete un restored truck that really needs to be back in circulation. looking for someone to take on this project or at least use the machine for parts. we don't want it to go to a scrap yard, we could do that. it's been in storage for years and the main frame is all that has been left outside. if anyone wishes to discuss procuring this truck please let us know. a lot of the wooden parts will need to be replaced, the engine is complete but needs rebuild. the transmission is usable and complete. the doors and body parts are stored inside.
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