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  1. Met a gentleman today that has a few mid 50"s cars. He was telling me he converts all his generators to a 1 wire alternator. He says he mounts it then runs one wire with a fuse link and done. Will this work on my 55 driver. Thanks.
  2. Just picked up my 55 Special from tranny rebuild. Drove the long way home, about 175mi. I have buffed the entire car since pics were taken.
  3. Sorry the guages sold locally before I could get pics.
  4. Complete guage cluster incliding clock. Vary miminal pitting, hardly visable. $100 + shipping. Call Roy @ 6025108115. Thanks.
  5. I've got the one I took off my 55 when the tranny was rebuild. It appeared to be in good when I removed it. I went with after market being that I live in Phx. Arizona and the summer time heat we endure. I'll take a look at the numbers on mine when I return from church.
  6. The pic on the first page of the 1950ish with the hood up comming out of the Queen Creek Tunnel was taken between Superior and Globe Arizona on Rt60.
  7. Just read your post for help and if you still need help I am available most anytime.
  8. I believe I've read most if not all of your past comments and have learned lots. Members like you and a lot of others hear really help those of us just starting out. Thanks Roy
  9. I 'm looking for a front sway bar for my 55 Buick Special. Thanks.
  10. Somewhere on this site I saw a vacuum diagram for a 55-56 and it specified "wide angle vacuum hose" and "corrugated vacuum hose". Could someone explain as I am attempting to hock up me wipers? Thanks for the help.
  11. Me and my Buick are new. 1st. post. Can someone provide a name and part number for a rear shock conversion. Tks.
  12. Hello, my name is Roy. I was born and raised in Phoenix,Arizona. I just recently purchased my first Buick. A 1955 Special 2dr. hardtop. It has a v-8 with a 2 barrel carb. with a automatic. It's all orignial with no rust, but it's been repainted at one time. I will try to post pics as soon as I learn how.
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