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  1. Thanks for the info and link to your site. I am sure it will be a great resource as I am planning for this truck. I will follow your progress.
  2. Here are a few pictures as it sits today. The wooden side boards were used to haul grain to the elevator at one time.
  3. I am new to this site and looking for advice and information on starting a restoration project on a 1940 D2 pickup. This truck Jas been in my family since it was new and I learned to drive in it back in the 70s. It has always been stored inside and has not run for about 20 years. It is pretty much complete and original with some dings and such from farm use over the years.it was originally my great grandfathers truck. Looking for info on parts sources and things such as keeping the original drivetrain, brakes, etc vs upgrading to more modern. Thanks for any help for getting this project s
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