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  1. Actually the 134 tooth timing belt is a Dayco 95120
  2. I have an 89 16V with 14Kmiles that looks mint (Rochester NY area) - been fixing all the bugs that develop from sitting for ten years. July's project is the AC system. Vin is 201984.
  3. I have an 89 16 valve TC with shifting problem - All gears shift fine most of the time, however once in a while the shifter binds from 4th to 5th. When it binds I have to shift back to 4th and try 5th a few times until it goes in. The car has just over 14,000 miles (sat for about 10 years in a garage) and the trans fluid (5/30) is fresh. The clutch feels good and the cables appear tight at both ends and free in the housings. Any Ideas?
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