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  1. Transmission sold, Still have starters, generators, and other engine and interior pieces for sale.
  2. Located in the Dayton Ohio Area, Can do shipping if buyer is alright with paying for crating and shipping through fastenal or similar.
  3. Hello, I have a 1956 Buick Dynaflow transmission available for sale, I am thinking about $200 for it and can provide pictures if there is interest. Was running when pulled from car I also have several starters and generators that I would like to sell, I am open to price so please make an offer. I can provide pictures as well. Have several valve covers for the 322 V-8 engines as well. Thanks, David S.
  4. Bump, OIL PAN is sold lowering price of crank and cam to $300 OBO lowering price of head to $200 OBO
  5. Hello I have several Victor HS 902 Gasket kits that are NOS. One is complete, all have at least the head gasket which is copper and brass. I am open to offers but was thinking $40 for the complete kit. I am am able to ship for $17.50 to anywhere in the lower 48. As stated the pictured kit below is complete (Top on is for clarity, the complete kit does not have broken gaskets. I have a total of six (6) of these kits for sale at this time 1 complete, 5 with at least the head gasket. Thanks for viewing.
  6. I am offering up for sale the following items. 320 Crankshaft and Camshaft ($400 OBO) - Came from a drop in bearing motor. All main bearings were in good shape with no scratches in the crank. block did not have pistons but rod bearing surfaces do not seem to have any cuts or grooves in them that I could pick up with my finger. Might need a light polish. before re-install into a motor. Camshaft in good shape, all bearing surfaces are smooth. Measured some of the crank main and rod diameters and they seemed within spec. Flex plate is included with the crankshaft. 320 cylinder head ($300 OBO) - Head has valves and springs, does not have the rocker assembly or valve covers. Looking at the head there are no cracked valves or damage that I could see. 320 Oil Pan ($50 OBO) - Pan is nice and oily but has no dents in it. Prices are just guesses on what I would like to get for them, feel free to make an offer. Would like to keep as local pickup but may be able to do shipping through something like Fastenal if buyer pays shipping. Located about 15 minutes North of Dayton, Ohio. All parts currently have a red grease anti rust coating on them, hence all the red stuff in the photos.
  7. Hello, I am looking to purchase 4 factory steel rims for a Buick Roadmaster. Would prefer to be able to pickup so looking for within a 250 mile radius of Dayton, Ohio. Am also looking for things like hood and doors (4 dr sedan/model 72) and miscellaneous chrome/parts for the restoration of my Roadmaster. Thanks
  8. De Soto, Do you have a picture of the front of the fender? It is missing a porthole cutout but that would be a problem. I think the only difference is in the front of the fender? Thanks, David Senter
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