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  1. De Soto, Do you have a picture of the front of the fender? It is missing a porthole cutout but that would be a problem. I think the only difference is in the front of the fender? Thanks, David Senter
  2. Pete, My unit measures 24 3/4" from outer edge to outer edge of the C channel. Thanks, David Senter
  3. Bump, I have removed the radiator from the vehicle, when I said rad support earlier I meant the U shaped channel that the radiator bolts to, mine is completely rotted away. After looking at the hood further I believe I am also in need of a new hood at this time. Thanks, David S.
  4. Hello, I am currently trying to find a rust free or undamaged radiator core support for my 1955 Buick Roadmaster as well as the passenger side fender as well. I am trying to avoid having to do any welding work on these components so if anyone has one available that is rust free or damage free or only surface rust I would be interested in purchasing. I am located in the Dayton, Ohio area but am okay with shipping depending on cost. Please PM me if you have a rad support or fenders you would be interested in selling. Thanks, David S.
  5. Interesting, I seem to be having more trouble getting it to open freely, seems fine closing it. Perhaps I just need to grease the hinges some and see if that corrects the problem. It does seem flimsy regardless though, is there any correction or mod people have come up with to better help the issue?
  6. Hello, does anyone have any good pictures of the underside of a 1955 Buick hood before insulation installation? I am working on restoring my 1955 Buick Roadmaster and the hood seems very flimsy when opening it. I am not sure if this is from all the rust on the car or if I am missing some structural component of the hood? Unfortunately I do not have a photo of my hood available at the moment but will try to get one sometime this week. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I am in the Cincinnati area and would like to come have a look at them this week if possible and potentially make an offer on them as I am starting the restoration of a very rusty 55 Roadmaster. Also do these bumpers come with the front chrome bullets and rear license plate light chrome pieces as well or is this for just the stripped down bumpers? Thanks, David S
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