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  1. that looks good. do you got more pics of how you did it? as far as attaching it.
  2. Is it possible to buy just the grille insert? I'm trying to avoid paying 120$ for a new grill
  3. Hello I was given a TC a month ago. to be honest not sure what year but it has the airbag and 3.0 its black with the ginger interior. it hasn't been driven for 4 years so it needs some work to get it running again. while looking for parts i found a 89 bordeax with ginger Turbo with a perfect mint interior for 400$ i ended up trading a .45 pistol for it. it actually runs and drives though rough but it need the front clip. the weird thing was is as i was comparing the two they have different front cross member. are the hood, fenders, bumpers interchangeable? i dont want t
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