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  1. Yes I had standard bulb the the LR didn’t blink or brake light didn’t work either I noticed some the wiring looked frayed I will replace in sections
  2. Thanks I bought LED light from amazon that fit perfectly but only the turn signal work my neighbor a auto electric guy is to check The wiring
  3. I going thru them slowly and just splice the damaged wires and connectors but only the turn signals are working for now and 1 brake light works and confirm if any of fuses are out my neighbor is a auto electric guy I downloaded The lighting plan and fuse layout I will post the outcome soon. Thanks
  4. Thanks I going to upgrade the electrical wiring to see if it fixes the problem
  5. Good afternoon All I finally bought some LED tail lights from Amazon " Techologica " The turn signal are the only ones that work, My battery is 12V I noticed I had 6V fuses? small cceramtic types under the dash. are those fuses 12v or 6V ?
  6. Tail Light & Turn Signal High Power Bulb (12V); fits 1933-55 Car & Pickup; 1955 Thunderbird
  7. I looked on bob drake website the I found on blind high power were light and turn signal I need brake light turn signal and light all in one . The item I saw is “ tail light & turn signal high power bulb (12v) fits 1933-55 car and pickup 1955 thunderbird is that it
  8. As soon as weather clears up I will start working on it. I live in deep south TX on the border where there constant flow of human trafficking and drugs and the police is out in force sometimes and where the weather is 80 degrees one day and 50 degrees the other, thanks for all your help, will try to upload photos next time
  9. I looked the Tx veg code and it states 547.32 states at tail lamps emit a red light plainly visible at a distance of 1000 feet from the rear of the vehicle. I will clean the lenses and get brighter blubs. My lights are 12v
  10. I believe in is both I have 6v and 12v fuses and my battery is 12v I try what you said to yes if helps. I police officers and troopers are getting younger he was looking for the VIN on the dash. I replied what dashboard
  11. Do this go inside the the window or out and plug into the lighter?
  12. I own a 1961 VW Beetle, I was pulled over by the State Police TXDPS and local police Mission TX PD with the same results no citations were issued just warning . They stated that my taillights were not bright enough and from a distance you don't see the lights. What are my options without retro fitting the vehicle losing it classic look. or only drive it in the daytime. I drive a total of 120 miles to work I use it twice a week to save money. thanks
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