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  1. Ok, i think I will go with the ceramic cast iron gray. I am tired of taking this off every 5 or 6 years to redo. Will look up M&R. Thanks again
  2. I think the cast iron look is good. I will use it. Thanks for the replies
  3. I am going to paint the exhaust manifold on my 1928 Plymouth flat head 4 cylinder. What is the best looking high temp color to use.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Will have them turned to get back to raw metal.
  5. I sent my brake drums out to be powder coated. 1928 Plymouth with hydraulic brakes. They powder coated the back sides also. Is this car going to stop or should I grind the powder coating off the braking surface of the drum. The car doesn't go very fast. About 40 average. Are the shoes going to cake up or is the car not going to stop because the drums are slick. Any replies are appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thank you for your responses. I will use the satin.
  7. When rebuilding a Delco starter from the 20's 6 volt, what color should I paint it before reinstalling the Tag/Emblem . Is it flat black or satin black. Thanks
  8. I have this style Stewart-Warner on my 1928 Plymouth for over 50 years and only rebuilt it twice. Usually is the top gasket that dries out. I have only tried it on the car after putting it back together and has always worked. It still works fine today. They are a great tank and will last for years.
  9. I have been to the museum and the Gilmore museum with the National Plymouth club. They are awesome. It is too bad that it will be selling off the cars. I know it would be nice to donate your old vehicle to a museum for people to look and appreciate it. I have been told by our local museum if there is not a lot of interest in a specific vehicle anymore because of change of interest of vehicles that they would sell off some inventory to keep the museum funded. It would be a shame for the family members to see the sell off.
  10. I have a 1928 Plymouth. Years ago I was told that the car was produced originally with the wood spokes painted the color of the body. The original sales brochure shows that. The question have is should the hub and drum also be the same color. Or does the hub and drum be painted black. I know a lot of cars are doing natural wood spokes. But mine is all painted the color of the car. I am going to a National Meet and would like to be correct. Thanks
  11. Hi Howard, In 1961 when my dad bought our 1928 Plymouth, after pulling the seat we found a leather holster for a gun. It is a coupe , maybe it was a cop car.
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