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  1. PM sent. Looking for a power antenna motor. Don't know if that model would have one. Thanks Andy
  2. Had a little September 11th car show and BBQ at my work. Just starting to get cars in place. Had a nice little selection of old to new. 48 Willys in the background. Had a 66 MG, 1966 GT350, On the modern side a 2016 Charger Hellcat, BMW I8 and a brand new McClaren. Everybody loves the Roadmaster!
  3. Anyone have a an old one that could be rebuilt?
  4. Maybe I do care about being original, or closer to it. $20 for something that really works seems crazy cheap. Has anyone mounted one of these in a57 Roadmaster?
  5. Turns out the previous owner used residential type wire nuts to connect the motor. One had come loose. Got rid of that mess, connected it properly and I now have a functioning top! Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. This is for a 57 Roadmaster convertible. A working substitute is fine. Not concerned about originality. Thank you.
  7. Great suggestions, I'll check them out. No growling in the motor. Thanks
  8. The electric motor is not running. Can't seem to find the circuit or fuse. I have the 57 shop manual but I don't see the circuit in the one fuse block I can find under the dash. For a big car there is not a lot of room under there. ? Thanks Andy
  9. The top went up about 1/4 the way then stopped and went back down. It is dead now. Any hints on diagnosing the problem? Any suggestions or does anyone know "the guy" that is the expert on these cars? Thanks