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  1. Sounds great Erik, looking forward to seeing your K1! John
  2. Anyone have a spare original driver's side mirror for a D-2 that they are willing to sell? Thanks, John
  3. The Green Diamond Engines were painted "Apple Green" by IHC. I have the Paint Committee decisions and links to paint chip color mixes on my restoration website (www.restoringcornelius.com) Most everything else was painted black, but you'll want to verify for the tranny (mine is red for example and have not gotten to the point where I have checked if the color is correct yet) - should be addressed in one of the Paint Committee decisions as well. John
  4. That truck looks to be in beautiful condition! I am restoring a 1939 D-2 (a rolling resto). I have been collecting info, and you should find my restoration website helpful - www.restoringcornelius.com Good luck! John
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