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  1. I have an original Gar Wood dump box that would have came on a 1920 or 1930 AA Ford Truck as a factory option. Has the original tag on it. Not the best shape but workable. I am located in Washington State. Let me know if you are interested. http://www.classicrefusetrucks.com/albums/GW/GW01.html
  2. I am curious if you have the contact info for the guy that got this engine. I think it went to Portland right? I am looking for some parts for mine. Thanks
  3. Did you ever find an engine for this truck? What is the status of the engine in the truck that you have?
  4. Sorry. I have a few more pictures but this is how the photos were given to me. I can see if I can get it. It seems like a pretty nice truck but I agree with Staver that due to the size buyers will be limited. I did not realize the many benefits of these trucks as they were lower, advertised to go 50 or 55, A 6 cylinder motor, Auto greasing shackles and springs among other things. I would just hate to see this truck go but the guy is looking for $5K which I thought might be a little high since the tires will cost close to $2k to replace with tubes and mounting. If I bought it I would probably
  5. I realize that this may be an open ended question but looking to get a general value on a 1928 REO Speedwagon Heavy Duty. It appears to be a 3 ton model. Relatively complete but not without issues. I am an IH guy and am used to having a lot more resources of information and parts. Any ballpark on what this think would be worth?
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