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  1. Very interesting, thanks for the info. Definitely a fan of the matching molding, but either way they look great! You learn something new everyday they tell me.
  2. I thought the only two options on a Reatta was 16 way seat and CD player. I notice some cars have black side moldings and some are color coordinated. Was that an option as well?
  3. So to apply that to this particular car, is it missing the hood emblem therefore it can not be authenticated as indeed, a select 60 model? I am thinking about buying this car so any information you know about it I would appreciate you sharing it with me. The steering wheel and seats seem to have excessive wear for a 77000 mile car. Unlike a previous posted, I find the color combo for the select 60 stunning. Wish I could find one in a bit better condition.
  4. Seems like most on the forum know about this car, can anyone clue me in to it's past about the condition?
  5. The car is a select 60. It does not have pin stripes, was that typical for a Select 60?
  6. I am looking for a set of set covers for a 1990 with 16 ways seats, white seats. Is there a source for these?