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  1. I’m having trouble with my clutch in 30 President. It simply won’t disengage to shift. I have to start in a gear. If I start in 2 nd I can shift to 3 rd. But if I need to back up and start in neutral I can’t shift into R and then into first or second. I can start in second and into third with quick movement. car was laid up for 6 years so I wonder if it simply froze up. I have had 3 President 8 s and never experienced this. In fact each one would shift perfectly , sometime without using clutch if rpm were just right. I was taught to use my ears to gauge when to shift without clutch. I’m sure many of you do same. Any advice ??? from 21Sp6
  2. Great give her a call. I have same car and love it. I drove it from Connecticut to Montreal in November. Keep in mind they don’t have heat. I did have a lap robe !! the car deserves a good home and should be taken out for a ride often. I hope you both are happy with outcome. sean sob21sp6@gmail.com
  3. I have one. Thanks for the info. What’s the value sean sob22sp6@gmail.com
  4. Ed I like pre war Studebaker’s. My 30 President and 21 special six are the only Studebaker’s I know of in southern Maine. can any of you.... meaning you Ed , help me with a body color for the 21 ? sean
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