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    1962 ihc c130/c132 truck

    We got the pressure washer after it today, been sitting under an oak tree for around 3 years.... Time to git r dun again... Was in primer when the old man died & it needs complete sanding again... the drivers floor pan has some rust that broke through from a split windshield seal, needs the brake system completely gone through, has a new alternator.... system has already been converted, needs new seat upholstery.... tires etc.... no external rust on anything other than the gutter over the top of the firewall, body is in very straight condition....doors are in great shape other than a drivers door hinge & of course some tlc with locks & latches... glass is original & perfect just needs new front & rear window seals, no rust in fenders or rocker pannels... solid truck... Can.t wait to get it running again.... Yes there are plenty here... found a couple more but the 1 tons down the road... parts close by if needed....
  2. We have this old 1962 ihc c130 though the door tag says c132... was a lot truck & never left on the road & then became a fire truck but the man building it died & it never got finished or used again... we drove it home.... 20,000 original miles... It has the 220 or the 240/241 but not sure.... Runs great, no smoke ... it has been taken apart to replace gaskets & carb rebuild at this time... Steering is very tight & steers like new down the highway.... been sitting for a while at our farm....4 speed with pto, power brakes, custom built flat bed, factory when bought new had a stake bed on it, very straight body, dually rear end.... We are seeking any information about this make o ihc... nothing out there or to go by... .tag information ... model IHC c132... serial #SB256840B .....title says 1- 1/2 ton?......any information & value would be surely appreciated.....Thanks