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  1. You're not alone - I've the same thing myself.
  2. Whitecar65

    Tom T

    I spoke with him day before yesterday and all seemed okay.
  3. I forgot to add that vektro's '65 is a good looking car. I can't remember the last time I saw one in silver or one with door edge guards. Nice!
  4. X2 on the Bilstein shocks. I have a '65 and like Vektro, I've installed the same GS springs, the Bilstein shocks, larger front sway bar, and Lares (sp?) steering box. Just received Tom Telesco's rear sway bar today but have yet to install it. Anyway, my Riv drives, rides, and handles so much better with the upgrades. Thinking back, I'd say the Bilsteins made the biggest improvement.
  5. Thank you, Alex and Ed. I appreciate the offer of help but have decided to pass. Thanks again. Rick
  6. Hi there - can anyone say for certain that the green mats will fit a '65 Riviera? Thanks. Rick
  7. Hi there, I might be too late on this, but I have a 3:23 non-posi third member that came out of my '65 a couple of years ago. Worked fine and I only changed because I upgraded to 3:42. I see you're in Seattle and so am I. If you're interested, call me at 425-999-1302.
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