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  1. papa

    new old guy here

    Thanks. You're probably right. Just curious, what do you believe to be missing from the car?
  2. papa

    new old guy here

    Thanks a lot hook. I haven't bought the car yet, but I hope to very soon. I will try to post a pic or two of the car. Meantime, what should I look for, besides the obvious before purchasing? The wood has been replaced, body work mostly done, engine ran until intake/exhaust manifolds were removed to clean and paint the engine, mileage showing 72,877. I'm told all five wood spoke wheels are good. What special areas on a Franklin should I check? Thanks again. _a37ebc4a1346.wade1 _a37ebc4a1346.wade1
  3. papa

    new old guy here

    Oh ,another question, please. What size tire should be on a 1932?
  4. papa

    new old guy here

    I have a 1921 Ford T Touring car and frequent model T sites. I am here because I'm thinking about buying a Franklin. It's a 1932 four door sedan. I'm a bit puzzled because the car has a side-mounted spare only on the driver's side. Might it have come that way from the factory? There is no sign of a spare tire well having been filled in the past. Maybe the passenger's side fender has been replaced? Awaiting any response. Thanks.
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