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  1. The new copper DV32 head gaskets are in.
  2. The first couple gaskets from this 1st run should be ready in time to bring to Hershey. We'll bring 1 to show and sell.
  3. Olson's Gaskets has made up a 2nd short run of head gaskets for the 1917-27 Kissel 6 cylinder engine. We currently have 4 available. They are $367.50 each. We will have 1 with us at Hershey (Red field - RCH 50/51, near lamppost 17). Contact: richard@olsonsgaskets.com or 360-871-1207.
  4. Hi Scott, Please let me know if this engine is still available. My brother just bought a Cole and would be interested in having a spare engine. richard@olsonsgaskets.com, 360-908-5158 (cell) Richard
  5. Olson's Gaskets is wanting to produce copper sandwich style manifold gaskets for the Auburn 8 cylinder motor (Lycoming model G). We need help in finding an original (used or unused) sample for the center gasket. The picture below is an example of the gasket we are looking for, but it is not an appropriate sample as it is second generation. The Auburn part # we are looking for is A90310 or A90469. These part numbers are equivalent Victor #12072K, or 18042K, Fitzgerald number 5317MK, or McCord number S2809. If you have an original sample that you are willing to loan or sell (even a good used original sample will work) please contact Richard Olson at 360-871-1207, or via email richard@olsonsgaskets.com
  6. Olson's Gaskets is looking to do a very short run of New Copper head gaskets for the DV32 engine.We'll be using a very good used original head gasket for a pattern (see picture). Head gaskets will be $425 each plus shipping and handling. If you're interested in a pre-order please email: richard@olsonsgaskets.com, or call the shop Monday-Friday 8am-4pm PST.
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