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  1. Will try Ebay and PreWarCar ... nice to hear some positive input !
  2. Anyone interested in buying this art piece?
  3. Not currently with the art !!! Will take more pictures ASAP for any interested buyers !! Anyone who would like to take test or do there own authentication is free to do so !!!
  4. There’s the papers again feel free to do research on the gallerie 53836520730__A344B445-DC91-4776-A6EF-98EEE4DFDE47.MOV
  5. Lol 100% wrong ... is anyone actually interested ? If you want come have it tested I’m not gunna tell u there’s no scams out there but this isn’t one hahah!
  6. Aren’t we about fast to be rude hahahah this was bought in Europe !!! At an art gallery in 2001 and got papers just last year before I moved !!! Different size different base different quality different look !!!
  7. Indeed value has gone up! Feel free to look on internet !
  8. This is a very easy photo shop job !! I have posted pictures and if you still feel u need more pictures feel free to ask
  9. It is bronze with silver playing and 100% real am asking for Canadian dollars because I moved to Canada recently with the art!!
  10. This is a genuen Rolls Roche statue “ Spirit Of Ecstasy”. Extremely rare and very valible. Anyone who knows anything about this knows it’s a steal. Have authication papers and papers that show it’s value which says it’s valued at 6000 euros and was appraised in 2017 as well as bought from a European art gallery. For more info please email! Looking to get 5000 Canadian or best offer Is 100% out of bronze plated with silver
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