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    Thanks for your help , I have just finished restoring my 49 chev ute , but converted it to 12 volt and because I have used the origonal starter it tends to start turning before the solenoid has a chance to engage it , so I am looking for a 12 volt unit that would suit
  2. kulin43


    Would some one know if a McKinnon - Delco starter motor is 6 or 12 volt 1107652-8a27 Housing number is 1933768 Solenoid number is 1119919
  3. Have you found an engine ,if not I may have one for you
  4. Kulin 43 Good morning ,I am in Western Australia and am very interested if still available . Have got a 1948 -76s John Bell
  5. I have a different problem with my 48 70 series and some one may be able to offer some ideas , when I pulled the torque converter down it had a fairly heavy composition type gasket on the converter cover but the kit and subsequent gaskets I have purchased have bee thin paper and have just had to pull it all apart again because it does not seal properly . Can any one make a suggestion ??
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