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  1. Thanks for the response. I was afraid that removal would require something of that sort. Am adding switched 12 volt circuit for current electronics and communications devices. Don’t want to use unswitched 12 volt in console due to current drain with ignition off. Have been looking at removing the CD, replacing with the non-CD storage cubby, and mounting switched outlets in the cubby. I just don’t like wires and gadgets cluttering things up. Alternative will be to pull the styrofoam cassette holder from armrest storage and mount the outlets there. Will just store the styrofoam thing so can provide to someone else when, eventually, I let the vehicle go. No time soon, I hope. Again, thanks, wcr
  2. Have gotten to the point where I’ve removed the storage bin and plastic facia surrounding CD player in my 91. Have not removed entire console, just top and trim. Can see player, and its supports. How does one get it to slide forward for removal? What is its release mechanism? Thanks, wcr