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  1. I wish i could take credit for the color but i cant. Its the original paint, Coral Mist. At 16, way back when when I first got it, I was going to paint it black. My dad was like "do it and I'll kill you." Best advice he ever gave me.
  2. Not quite. The title was actually a request for ppl to put me in contact with guys who do paint and body work in the area. None of my other vintage cars have issues. The Buick, which has sat for years, does. The one guy who painted my car years ago is probably dead (he was in his 60s and had bad health, and that was 15-20 years ago, so I was looking for a reputable guy. With my own business, 8 vintage motorcycles and 5 vintage cars, a wife and 3 kids, I can assure you im not broke.
  3. 64LesabreJ

    To FENDER or Not to Fender repair?

    Thanks so much Lew. Looks like the NOS fender sold, but I found one out west with very little rust. Around $250 shipped.
  4. Here is my 1964 Buick. Ive had it since I was 16 (2001). Im just getting "back on it" after 5 years of sitting. Started it up this weekend, runs great, and incredibly, tires arent dry rotted, after 5 years in a heated garage!!!! The damage you see in pics was done back in 2013, after which, I put the car in the garage. I have access to a NOS rust free fender. I was thinking of replacing this fender outright instead of replacing it. What are your thoughts? Im not a body work guy and have little idea of what it takes to fix this sort of thing. Your thoughts are appreciated.
  5. Indeed. I will reach out to them as i progress with this build. Thanks so much!
  6. I should have been a little more specific. Long Island IS considered NYC, in a sense, by most NYCers.
  7. Where are you guys at? I need help with resources. I have paint codes for my car and I want to do a few things like have paint and body work done. Dented it today. Not too upset about it as I already planned to repaint. How much do you think it would be to repair this spot if I choose not to repaint the whole thing?
  8. 64LesabreJ

    More pics of my Coral Mist 1964 Buick

    Thanks! I actually found a 64 grand sport engine on ebay. Have to figure out how the extra weight will affect the springs/suspension
  9. 64LesabreJ

    More pics of my Coral Mist 1964 Buick

    Now if I could just find one....
  10. 64LesabreJ

    More pics of my Coral Mist 1964 Buick

    Its just parts are easy to find for Buicks small blocks. Maybe I will put a Buick 401 in it.
  11. 64LesabreJ

    More pics of my Coral Mist 1964 Buick

    Im thinking of putting a chevy 350 in it if i can figure out which year might be a direct swap, or close to it.
  12. 64LesabreJ

    More pics of my Coral Mist 1964 Buick

    Nope. Its a bored and stroked Buick 340 from a different car....
  13. 64LesabreJ

    More pics of my Coral Mist 1964 Buick

    1964 Buick LeSabre 4 door hardtop
  14. Its a mess inside because I havent driven it in 5 years. FYI its a LeSabre and I replaced the bench seat with Wildcat seats and a console:
  15. 64LesabreJ

    1964 Buick Transmission Lines

    there were a few in coral mist. see below