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  1. Hi , thinking of doing this myself. what size hole did you drill please? I assume the whole is just to allow any trapped air to escape ? ray
  2. Sagefinds, sorry I can’t help ID these. I have a pair myself that I am trying to ID. Not wishing to hijack your thread but hoping someone out there can help us both ..
  3. I am in inner Sydney area.
  4. Hi time traveller, where are you in AUS ? I have a 34 5 window coupe, a conversion from a sedan I believe. Ray
  5. From Penrite here in Aus. https://www.penriteoil.com.au/applications/speciality/vintage-classic/shocker-oil-1
  6. Any idea please what vehicle these fender mount brackets are for? They have numbers 202-243 and 202-244. thanks
  7. Buick35, yes I think the straight bumper must be an Australian/ Holden thing. My Aussie 34 has straight bumper. Ray
  8. Thanks Reded, nice looking setup.
  9. Buick35, I think my 34 started life as a Series 40 sedan but at some point had a body makeover Into a 5 window coupe. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out when or by whom but it’s a unique Buick.
  10. Thanks Bob and Jim for your info. i think I will follow your comments Bob and leave it as is and do annual oil changes. I won’t be doing many miles in her. Ray
  11. Thanks Jim for the pics but I have a 40 series 233 ci motor. It’s quite different. It has a small oil Line to the front of the head, I guess could put a filter in this but it wouldn’t filter all the oil and I worried it might restrict the oil flow the the rocker assembly. Ray
  12. Hi all. My 34 series 40 has no oil filter, I believe this is how they came out of the factory. Wondering if it is worthwhile to fit one and any suggestions please as to the best type and how to connect it?
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