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  1. Are you sure the booster is actually providing any brake assistance? I had similar situation with very heavy pedal on my Fairlane which had a remote booster. Had the booster reconditioned and it made a world of difference.
  2. This big Delco-Remy document may be useful….https://ia903004.us.archive.org/31/items/DelcoRemyElectricalServicePartsCatalogA1011929Through1948OCR184Pages/Delco-Remy - Electrical Service Parts - Catalog A-101 - 1929 through 1948 - OCR - 184 pages.pdf
  3. Can anyone help to ID these 2 beauties for a friend of mine? Ray
  4. If you suspect the cct breaker on the light switch is faulty or weakened these units are readily available in different amperage ratings.
  5. Hoping someone can tell what car this smiths clock is from. The clock is a Smiths, made in England. The orientation of the numbers on the face is different to any others I have seen.
  6. Tried to get a better view of my pump .
  7. Pete, looks the same pump as I have on my 34 series 40. Ray
  8. I suspect that may be installed upside down- to get the correct orientation the actuating lever should be pointing up. Also note I think the “bowl” section of the pump can be removed and re-installed to get the correct location of the pump outlet.
  9. The 55er, Thanks. yep it does look like that, It’s fitted in my 1934 233ci Buick 8 so obviously not the original but seems to work OK.
  10. Hi all, I have a Delco-Remy distributor with number 111080 on the tag running in my 1934 series 40 Buick. (there may be another number after this but I can’t be sure). Pretty sure it’s not the correct distributor for the car but can anyone help this distributor? thanks, Ray
  11. Thanks edinmass, wow 6500. I have them advertised for sale over here in Australia for $300. That’s what I paid for a set of Buick correct covers that I am using now. Ray
  12. Hi all, can anyone pls identify these sidemount covers ? They came with a 1934 Buick but I don’t the ink they are the original ones for this car.
  13. Hi. The info in this site indicates your engine no. is in the correct range for a 1940 series 50. https://www.teambuick.com/reference/ident_engine_til_52.php
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