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  1. Buick35, yes I think the straight bumper must be an Australian/ Holden thing. My Aussie 34 has straight bumper. Ray
  2. Thanks Reded, nice looking setup.
  3. Buick35, I think my 34 started life as a Series 40 sedan but at some point had a body makeover Into a 5 window coupe. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out when or by whom but it’s a unique Buick.
  4. Thanks Bob and Jim for your info. i think I will follow your comments Bob and leave it as is and do annual oil changes. I won’t be doing many miles in her. Ray
  5. Thanks Jim for the pics but I have a 40 series 233 ci motor. It’s quite different. It has a small oil Line to the front of the head, I guess could put a filter in this but it wouldn’t filter all the oil and I worried it might restrict the oil flow the the rocker assembly. Ray
  6. Hi all. My 34 series 40 has no oil filter, I believe this is how they came out of the factory. Wondering if it is worthwhile to fit one and any suggestions please as to the best type and how to connect it?
  7. My 34 series 40. Just back on the road. Don’t know much about her history but at some stage has had a body conversion to a 5 window coupe.
  8. Thanks Morgan. I took off the side cover and all looks OK. I guess it’s not a problem, she is running well.
  9. Hi, seeking some advice please. i am checking the valve clearance on my 34 233cu and found that some pushrods can be rotated freely with my fingers when the rocker arm is off the valve but others are very stiff. I thought they should all turn freely. Any ideas please as to why some should be so tight? ray
  10. Thanks guys for this very helpful information. Ray
  11. Hi, an old thread I know but can I direct replace the old style pump with the gland packing on my 34 series 40 with the newer style? my pump has a pitted shaft and I can’t get it to stop leaking badly. ray
  12. Thanks everyone for the help and advice. I have found a NOS one in kentucky on ebay. Ray
  13. Thanks Grimy. Will check. Haven’t had any luck finding one in Aus yet.
  14. Sad tale .. Just found the gearbox from my 34 series 40 must have been full of water at some stage and the gears are severely pitted and most are unusable. The guy that's looking at the box for me can provide most of the gears required but I need desperately a 1934/35 input shaft and the synchro springs. I am in Sydney , Australia . Ray
  15. Hi Tim, just wondering where you are in SYD. I am in the Canterbury area, I have a 34 series 40 with the gearbox and clutch out at the moment. Ray
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