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  1. All, Gary's chronicled work has been very inspiring. I was so impressed with the woodgrain results that I sought to replicate Gary's effort for my own '37 Special. I investigated hand graining, di-noc, and hydrographics. At the end of the day, I selected the hydro route for the combination of quality, durability and cost. I'm very pleased. Thanks for the inspiration, Gary! Neill
  2. Gary, Fabulous and fascinating work you are doing. Your photos and notes have been, and will continue to aid my project greatly. My car, (model 47 Special) is missing one of the rear seat armrest frames. Might someone offer an idea how one might find an old one, or fabricate a new one? Thanks, Neill McKinstray
  3. Gary, Le Barron states that they offer, "complete" interior kits. As there are MANY varied elements of the interior, I'm curious just how complete their kit is. For example, extra fabric for the front seat kick plates; piping for the top of the front seat; door handles; rear seat grab handles; etc. Given your experience, I want to be very specific when I order. However, I am not certain I can even identify every single component. Any insight? Neill
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