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  1. Jim, On eBay look up User ID pierce-parts-store He has the Hardy Drive disks for sale. Verify that they are the same diameter as the one which you need. Jeff
  2. This website lists the following carburetor for the FD Commander. The same engine/accessories were used on the 1929 Models as well. This might help someone to know what they are looking for. http://www.thecarburetorshop.com/Kstudebaker.htm 1930 8 250 FD Commander Stromberg UX-2 If you have the old carburetor, there is an exchange available here: http://www.vintageandclassicreproductions.com/studebak.htm
  3. keninman, I was able to take the shoes from my 1929 Commander to PBS Truck Parts and have them reline the shoes. https://pbstruckparts.com/our-locations Jeff
  4. Here is a website on adjusting the Bendix 3 shoe brakes. It might help also. http://dmacweb.com/tech/brakes/bendix/BENDIX.htm
  5. Tom, In the first picture, the 4 bosses (2 above, 2 below) the water jacket, on earlier engine blocks these are drilled and tapped to accept the oil filter mounting bolts. Jeff
  6. Get in touch with Studerex. It requires removing the entire steering column from the car, then the tubes inside of the column. I helped him one time with one of these. It's not hard, but patience helps. none of it comes apart from the top. Jeff
  7. Studerex figured out the letter date code from engine blocks that he had in storage. He shared this with me, as such, we know that H=28, I=29, J-30, etc. So, using that, an E date code should be 1925 Hope that this helps.
  8. Greetings All, Found this photograph of my Great-Grandfather and his 1923 Chalmers. He lived in Gary, Indiana for most of his life, probably where this photo was taken. Thought that some of you might enjoy this. Regards, Jeff
  9. This car was built around the 2nd or 3rd week of March 1929. 19064 FD Commanders were built in 1929, starting in January.
  10. Shaun, Could you get the part number for the grille, then contact Andy Beckman at the National Museum, and purchase the blueprint? Looks like it could easily be CNC'ed / Laser Cut from a piece of Stainless Steel Sheet. Or a good pencil tracing of one from someone else's car. Just thinking. Jeff
  11. Greetings Richard, Here is a picture of the speaker grille in your 1937 President Coupe. For the record, I worked on this car with Rex during the summer of 2017. The car is very original, having approximately 45,000 miles on it. 1 owner, prior to Richard. Jeff
  12. http://www.michiana-chapter-sdc.net/ http://www.michiana-chapter-sdc.net/uploads/2/4/8/1/24811399/2018_generic_flyer2050428gps.pdf
  13. Rex, Did you include the serial number, and body number of the '31 that went to Chile? Jeff
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