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  1. hey gentlemen , I have a 54 322 nailhead I just did a intake an carb swap too, the only part I haven't been able to find until now it the dashpot . anyone please correct me if I am wrong , the manual seems to point twards this piece helping it idle if you drop out of the throttle quickly . I have noticed mine wants to stall if I come to a rapid stop .{essentially dropping out of the throttle quickly} am I correct , I should probably get this part ?. thanks in advance for any answers . Gary
  2. wow what a ride , life took over for a while , now I finally found some time to get back to work on my roadmaster an boy did i go at it . decided it was time to freshen up the engine bay an make a few custom mods that been on my mind. . cleared out everything that I could easily , refinished the motor , while I was in there I looked the inside over good , its got some sludging but no where close to some I have seen, cam looked good no visible unwanted wear , I scored a oem 4 barrel had that rebuilt, an a intake to match along with the spark plug wire covers, an all pieces of the factory aircleaner! from a 56 super (btw I disassembled that super for 4 hours I took everything I could need an some things I didn't ! including a set of good vent window assemblies so that hunt is over ! an only spent 350! ) installed a 7 blade clutch fan lowered the rad 1 inch an fixed its previously shoddy mounting now its like a rock , finned aluminum valve covers , valley pan , an breathers an many more lil things that had been bothering me took about 30 hours to get to this state , an it was time well spent . night an day difference !
  3. oh shit so sorry I forgot all about that , the bodyshop is swimming in cars , big hits lil hits an rust repairs . thanks for reminding me , I wrote it down an stuck the note on my computer screen .
  4. although mines far from finished it is mobile an got right around 100 miles on it this weekend .
  5. in a nut shell , not a single one of any of us has done a perfectly restored or even perfectly modded car or truck , there are many out there who are better at it than others , but in truth the best any of us can hope for is to never stop learning how to do it better . I know for a fact the first restoration I undertook was not perfect , but the next one was a bit closer an so on . I personally still wouldn't cut up a nicely restored car or truck , an shove in a crate motor just because its easier . I have a prime example . a customer ,in the early 1990's who became a good friend found a 70 chevelle big block car , numbers matching ! Well the car was so rotten an had many many of the wrong owners . after my initial inspection I recommended he not try to do the full restore to oem , ( even then its cost would have gone WAY OVER THE TOP) but suggested he mod the car . he definitely considered both ideas for almost a week , then gave me his answer an we built him a respectable street an strip car that came well under what an oem restoration would have cost .
  6. I 've restored quite a few cars for customers an in my opinion on any given make or model if its considered "truly restored " there are no changes or additional items added that the factory did not intend including the color the vehicle .but most of the cars I have ever judged or restored are never going to be at pebble beach . carrying a fire extinguisher is just smart though . personally I like to try an improve or hot trod the old ones I have or find , but don't get me wrong I would never "cut up" or change a good oem vehicle that could make an incredible original restored vehicle . I also try an pass on especially to my sons who also enjoy the car culture never look down on some ones ride we are all in the same hobby appreciate the true restored car or truck as much as the modified . pass on the interest to any one you can . I let kids an adults regularly sit in an get pics in on an all over my wrecker an it will be the same with my buick .
  7. yes you can get some incredible paint jobs with lacquer, although it does have its short comings by todays paint standards. such as it will never be as hard a finish as a single stage or base clear product, or with out proper care it looses its hold out an fades faster against uv . alternatively you can still get a lacquer like finish from a modern single stage buy using many of the same techniques like color sand an refinishing between coats of color as 1 example . paint jobs on the various makers vehicles can vary between models an makes an even the assembly plant it came from , I have seen it . just some useless info I hope you all enjoy .
  8. sorry your incorrect there are vast differences in reducer an thinner . reducer is used ONLY IN acrylic ENAMEL , eurethane base coats an clears ONLY . thinner is for laquer based products . if you were to put reducer in a laquer product it WILL NOT BLEND . try it .
  9. THIS IS SPOT ON . I as a bodyman could give no better advise .
  10. wanted complete 55 buick roadmaster 2 door hardtop vent window assembly for left door , does not have to be perfect . or both assemblies if in good condition an reasonable price . also years 54, 55 an 56 series 50 and 70 will fit as advised by Bhigdog
  11. wanted complete 55 buick roadmaster 2 door hardtop vent window assembly for left door , does not have to be perfect . or both assemblies if in good condition an reasonable price .
  12. no no no your miss understanding me . that's only the plan for now , I really don't care about having big horse power , I prefer mild performance an reliability an ease of repair . once I get it where I want it , it will be driven a lot . my rat wrecker {more of a street rod that I put 3500 miles on last summer } is probably the most reliable hot rod I own right now an if I feel like driving it 200 miles on a whim I know it will more than likely get me there an back . that's the mechanical plan for the 55 . im just going to make due with what I have for now . besides I think the nailhead an dynaflow would be really cool in a t- bucket build . further more my wife would tell you all , she has learned all things are subject to change on a moments notice with me when it comes to my cars .