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  1. I will check those after I take it apart , most likely replace them as well to be sure , but I am almost sure its the u joint. I just cant seem to find one an I like to pre order all parts ahead of time .
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone ! I thought I had the vibration problem in my car solved , I did some cusory searches nothing too deep an found the u-joint I needed at Kanter , they no longer have availability on it . does any one know of alternate sources , I have searched for it on a few caddy sites to no avail. Many members here have convinced me to not swap out the rear end an trans for a modern setup, over a bad u joint. any help will be very appreciated .
  3. found the problem ! removed the park /wash assembly an the park switch was not installed correctly . when the park cam comes around it should break the contact an park the wipers. somehow the metal tab that contacts the cam was bent at the factory an wasn't breaking contact not allowing the wipers to park !
  4. Hello all , I have an issue with the wiper motor or switch in a 78 blazer that I am restoring so I will just get right into it . I am nearing the end phase of this restoration , an had to do a complete rewire since the old harness was hacked to bits , this far all the gear I have tested is functioning properly with the exception of the wipers . Now I am preety sure that I have wired the motor an switch correctly as I used the correct gm wiring diagram an then further verified connection of all wiring for the motor an switch by doing a continuity test on each lead from plug to plug. I plug the motor in all fine plug the switch in ( both brand new ) an as soon as I turn on the ignition the wiper motor runs, with the switch in the off / park position. The original motor an switch do the same thing an this has been kicking my azz for 2 days so any help is much appreciated
  5. you may have an easier time doing that mod in your car , check my thread . in post war buick , 55 roadmaster complex suspension modification . some of the gentlemen here brought up points that I hadn't considered. so whats your reasoning for wanting to swap to an open drive shaft ?
  6. Hahaha. yes sir that's me I could get in there an just fix everything. I would love to just swap up to more a modern trans an rear but its not in the budget. the hot rodder in me says just do it, an the restorer says fix it the way gm intended it . its been a real reliable an fun car so far . an based on all the info I have gathered an all the input from everyone here I will be ordering the ujoint ahead of time an quite possibly the bearings before an after it then just drop it out an physically see whats happening in there.
  7. thanks all , all avenues I have suspected an considered my service manual is helpful . more suspect is the single u joint or the bearings on either side of it but being that its enclosed in the torque ball makes it a difficult diagnosis even harder still to describe here, but I will try maybe someone will be able to form some opinion based on this. it is definitely a rotating assembly it is a low note an mild vibration that increases with rpm when driving barely audible at low speed an noticeable at 40mph an above. i've considered removing the rear diff cover to have a look but its definitely in the center of the car you can feel it in the toe boards an hear it same local . I have thought the torque tube may be transmitting this forward in the car but cant be sure. i've ruled out front wheel bearings as they are correctly tightened an well lubed an do not feel " lumpy "or loose. any thoughts?
  8. I've got noises coming from it and a vibration right in the middle of the car that I cannot pin down, 34 years in the auto repair an painting industry an I have never had this problem , an the thought of having a more modern rear suspension is very appealing.
  9. yes jag is way too narrow I have some experience with them .no access to rolls or bently rears in my area. if I am understanding both of you the torque ball is the rear seal for the dyna flow? I have an axle from a 70 chevy c10 ( have not measured it yet) . that torque ball is the key to this whole thing . a torque arm like an iroc Camaro has would eliminate my need for upper parallel bars .
  10. Havent been around much, life came at me again haven't made many changes to my 55 . the few I have gotten done are added a oem replica radiator bullet centers for the wheels an lake that things have settled its back to the wrenches an sanders. had it out at a few shows this summer an drove about 1500 miles . heres the most recent a friend found of me leaving a show.
  11. I have this idea in my head that I can swap the rear end in my 55 to something more modern , an im not absolutely positive if it will work so this may be lengthy any input is very much appreciated. I will start at the beginning. I would love to retain the dynaflow transmission,{ I still have the oem nailhead an a conversion kit that will accept any gm transmission is fairly expensive} an this is where it gets complicated. 1. I understand there is first the torque ball an u joint to deal with an that I would need a slip shaft to account for the rears movement . the oem ujoint assembly is bolted to the output shaft(no slip there) . I assume that by removing the tourqe ball an installing a hybrid u joint assembly with a slip yoke on the driveshaft side I could effectively account for the movement of the rear axle as the shaft lengthens an shortens as it moves up an down with the rear axel. what possible issues could I have here an is the tourqe ball the transmissions "rear seal" essentialy? 2. drive shaft , would have to be custom made similar to one from a 4x4 with a slip yoke at the front an matching rear as the rear end of choice. here the queston is would vibration , fluid seals, bearings, or other modifications be a serious issue on the transmission? 3. rear axel an suspension, clearly a 4 link an panhard install makes the most sence with coilover shocks , or possibly retaining my coils an adding shocks. (a) whats a good gear ratio to look for in that rear axel ? an the dynaflow is a 2 speed. (b) rear axle width ? recommendations or best donor axels? any out side input or issues I have overlooked is very much appreciated before I start spending cash on something that may not work .
  12. hey gentlemen , I have a 54 322 nailhead I just did a intake an carb swap too, the only part I haven't been able to find until now it the dashpot . anyone please correct me if I am wrong , the manual seems to point twards this piece helping it idle if you drop out of the throttle quickly . I have noticed mine wants to stall if I come to a rapid stop .{essentially dropping out of the throttle quickly} am I correct , I should probably get this part ?. thanks in advance for any answers . Gary
  13. wow what a ride , life took over for a while , now I finally found some time to get back to work on my roadmaster an boy did i go at it . decided it was time to freshen up the engine bay an make a few custom mods that been on my mind. . cleared out everything that I could easily , refinished the motor , while I was in there I looked the inside over good , its got some sludging but no where close to some I have seen, cam looked good no visible unwanted wear , I scored a oem 4 barrel had that rebuilt, an a intake to match along with the spark plug wire covers, an all pieces of the factory aircleaner! from a 56 super (btw I disassembled that super for 4 hours I took everything I could need an some things I didn't ! including a set of good vent window assemblies so that hunt is over ! an only spent 350! ) installed a 7 blade clutch fan lowered the rad 1 inch an fixed its previously shoddy mounting now its like a rock , finned aluminum valve covers , valley pan , an breathers an many more lil things that had been bothering me took about 30 hours to get to this state , an it was time well spent . night an day difference !
  14. oh shit so sorry I forgot all about that , the bodyshop is swimming in cars , big hits lil hits an rust repairs . thanks for reminding me , I wrote it down an stuck the note on my computer screen .