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  1. Looks like factory radio and yes it has been cut up for newer radio
  2. I have used that dash pad from opgi, was on back order for 10 months before I got it. Quality was ok, couple little blemishes but def WAY better than having cracks, took a little playing around to get the clips/ brackets installed in correct place but worked out just fine, just hate that it cost so much.....
  3. May sound crazy but I have had a friends Saturn do the same but was just the alternator overcharging, sending 18 volts through the system freaking everything out. Easy check for them.
  4. I used the one from opgi, was pricey and took 9 months to get it!!!!! It was a good product, not the best, but good. There were a few blemishes on it and had to drill all the holes for screws, brackets, etc.
  5. I put vintage air in my 64, used the gen 4 system, biggest they make, was a REALLY tight squeeze in the dash but does fit. They converted my factory ac switch panel to work their system so looks completely stock inside. They were using mine as a test to see if will work and since it does they are talking about making it an option. I also routed the heater lines down the center like stock to hide them, the system work EXTREMELY good, heat, ac, defrost. Couldn't be happier with the system.
  6. Scary part is if u measure wrong and they don't fit and rub, stuck with an expensive hose reel in the shop......or trailer wheels haha ?
  7. Hi there! I’m Karl, have a 64 Buick riviera I have been working on. I’m a tech at a Chevy dealership, for about 16 yrs. I have built a few cars but the rivi is a WHOLE new beast! Love it! I’ll include some pics of the rivi and a 33 ford truck I built. Look forward to learning from y’all!
  8. May wanna check with the tech, on the power steering gm is having us use trans fluid instead of power steering fluid and flush system, then bleed certain way to fix right.