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    Part needed for 1941 Buick Special

    Thanks so much for the info.! I was able to get in touch with Dave today and he said he would sell me the complete steering column and that would probably be OK but I had contacted a fellow earlier that has 4 steering columns and every shift lever housing collar was broken. Dave says he will not guarantee anything about the parts. How do I proceed? I am not interested in having a complete steering column shipped to me only to find it has the same problem I already have. I have a local machinist/blacksmith trying to determine if he can fabricate the collar. If anybody could, it would probably be him, but there are some curious angles and things that will need to be figured out.
  2. Hello: I am new to this forum and hoping that somebody can help me! I have a 1941 Buick Special with only 24,000 original miles and I accidentally broke the shifter control housing in the steering column that the shift lever fastens to. It is made out of a pot metal so cannot weld. I have called probably 15 classic car salvage yards with no luck in locating this part. If I get desperate enough, I can have a local talented black smith perhaps fabricate this part, but it will be very expensive to do. I have the car listed for sale and had this unfortunate thing happen when I was in the process of installing a new battery and trying to start the engine. If any body has a idea who would have this part, I would forever be grateful! Thanks!