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  1. The truck was purchased new by a family member a farmer in his late 70 s .He would not allow anyone else to drive truck . I tried to buy it in 82 while he was still alive ,but he would not sell. at that time it had 3605 miles . He left truck in will to someone else who approached me in 96 asking if I was interested ? it had not been moved in over 20 years . The rear tires are Goodyear that were designed for studs in winter and have Ink stamp which states" Goodyear Tire and Rubber ship to Chevrolet Motor Division Janesville Wisconsin " which is where Truck was made .
  2. Are original snow and mud tires that have ink stamp which states " Goodyear Tire ship to Chevrolet Motor Division Janesville Wisconsin " A deduction in HPOF as they are not the Uniroyals on the front ? All 4 tires are the Originals that came on 68 Chevrolet C 10 .
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