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  1. I worked in power plant development at a large automotive company in Michigan . I worked in all the "special" power plant areas. Turbine, electric, hydrogen and steam. I was assigned to the steam car development crew. My job was to build a steam car from the ground up just to prove it wouldn't work. We hand built the boiler, engine and transmission. There were always parts or safety factor that were incorporated into the system to make it fail. When we found a remedy , it was not allowed to be tested. One of the favorite problems was the start up time. There is a requirement that an automobile must be able to start and be moving within twenty seconds in sub zero climate. I had a fix for that but they refused to look at it.They plainly wanted to take the budget money but did not want to give the gas engine any competition. They just plainly make too much money on the reciprocating gas and diesel engines. The turbine car that Chrysler Corp had at the Indy race didn't fail a bearing like they said, They simply shut it down on the back stretch to make the spectators think the engine failed. You guys ever hear about the Micro Wave Boiler?
  2. Thought maybe you had some V6 parts laying around and that could be from another engine. I saw that you had a four in your TC.
  3. Looks like the head was casted June 24, 1928
  4. Chrysler had an experimental F head V8 back in 1945.
  5. Here is a picture of the rear of the sump.
  6. Got you a pic and some dimensions. From front of pan rail to front of sump: 4" , Sump length : 9" , Sump depth from top of pan rail to front part of sump : 5 1/8". The drain plug is on the driver side of the sump toward the rear.
  7. I may have one of those also. I will look Tuesday and send you a picture of the one I got.
  8. That is why I put a picture of the hub cap with the add. I just had trouble deleting an add that said Hub caps and it was for headlight doors. I just figured I would try to see if any one needed them before they go to the scrap yard. Cleaning house. Thanks, Dan
  9. Do you do Pay Pal? My account is : laperriere@twlakes.net Could you give me an address to ship it to? If you don't do Pay Pal a check would be fine.
  10. I could not find any part numbers on the pump so I took some pics of it.If you think it will work I can send it to you.
  11. Set of 1978 Dodge Magnum head light doors. $100.00
  12. Five1961 Plymouth 14" hub caps. $250.00
  13. Four Plymouth 14" hub caps. $200.00
  14. I have four 14" Mercury hub caps. $200.00