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  1. Looks like the head was casted June 24, 1928
  2. Chrysler had an experimental F head V8 back in 1945.
  3. Here is a picture of the rear of the sump.
  4. Got you a pic and some dimensions. From front of pan rail to front of sump: 4" , Sump length : 9" , Sump depth from top of pan rail to front part of sump : 5 1/8". The drain plug is on the driver side of the sump toward the rear.
  5. I may have one of those also. I will look Tuesday and send you a picture of the one I got.
  6. That is why I put a picture of the hub cap with the add. I just had trouble deleting an add that said Hub caps and it was for headlight doors. I just figured I would try to see if any one needed them before they go to the scrap yard. Cleaning house. Thanks, Dan
  7. Do you do Pay Pal? My account is : laperriere@twlakes.net Could you give me an address to ship it to? If you don't do Pay Pal a check would be fine.
  8. I could not find any part numbers on the pump so I took some pics of it.If you think it will work I can send it to you.
  9. Set of 1978 Dodge Magnum head light doors. $100.00
  10. Five1961 Plymouth 14" hub caps. $250.00
  11. Four Plymouth 14" hub caps. $200.00
  12. I have four 14" Mercury hub caps. $200.00
  13. I think I got a good one .Let me check the part number to make sure what it is for. $25.00 + shipping if it is the right one.
  14. He is probably looking for the MAP sensor.