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  1. I have some factory service notices for things like the Dodge Challenger TA and 440 Six Pack engine option. Things like that. Some of the stuff I had was destroyed in a flood . I am going through boxes of literature to see what I have. I will try to make a list and send some pictures if you are still interested . Dan
  2. Turbine Tech

    dealer nameplate

    Got a picture of what you want and the length of the part ? Maybe can cast one for you. If you can use something that is not "original".
  3. Turbine Tech

    Source for red rubber cooling hoses

    Try Good Year PLIOVIC PLUS . It is 1/2" ID , 3/4 " OD . They have other sises also. Dan
  4. Turbine Tech

    SoCal 70s MOPAR parts stores?

    Did you check out J C Whitney ?
  5. Is your bumper medallion cast iron? did you ever get one?
  6. Turbine Tech

    1940-1941 Rear Turn Signal Back/Socket Needed

    That one can't be fixed? Clean up the housing and re plate it then install a new socket. Dan
  7. Turbine Tech

    1952 Plymouth filter mount

    An oil filter mount removed from a 1952 Plymouth six cylinder engine. $25.00
  8. Turbine Tech

    1952 Plymouth engine part

    I have a spark plug wire guide / coil mount for a 1952 Plymouth six. $25.00
  9. Turbine Tech

    AMC 360 Engine

    AMC 360 V8 with a Holley Street dominator intake. This is a core engine.Said to be out of a 1974 Jeep Truck. Was on a skid when I bought it. Guy said it was rebuilt but it looks like he did it in a sand box. Otherwise it looks like a usable engine. Asking $200.00.
  10. I have a 1959 Chrysler Imperial engine and cast iron Torque Flite three speed trans. Engine turns free , trans fluid is clear red and smells good.The shift cable is still atatched to the trans along with the emergency brake cable. No carb and no generator. I have an AFB four barrel carb and kit that I would sell separate for $50.00. There is a good starter on the engine.This is the long crank engine. Asking $400.00 for both SOLD
  11. Turbine Tech

    My car smells bad - mice urine odor reeks - help!

    Did you look inside the heater? The little varmints love to nest in there.
  12. Turbine Tech

    1937 Plymouth Coupe Frame needed

    Did you get the PM I sent you?
  13. Turbine Tech

    Tail light Stantions

    I have one raw casting left and one that is semi finished. $20.00 for the raw cast one $40.00 for the semi finished one. Dan
  14. Turbine Tech

    1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    Ya, I feel the same way. I don't think it was the auto company worried about me making a few parts.
  15. Turbine Tech

    1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    If you didn't get a release from Chrysler to produce their parts, you better make sure "Handleman" doesn't turn you in for copyright infringement. He tried to scare me saying he was going to turn me into Chrysler for reproducing their parts with out a release from them.