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  1. He is probably looking for the MAP sensor.
  2. I may have one of those in stock. Do you still need one?
  3. I have a 1990 2.5 L turbo head that I removed from a good running engine. $ 50.00 + shipping.
  4. I have some factory service notices for things like the Dodge Challenger TA and 440 Six Pack engine option. Things like that. Some of the stuff I had was destroyed in a flood . I am going through boxes of literature to see what I have. I will try to make a list and send some pictures if you are still interested . Dan
  5. Got a picture of what you want and the length of the part ? Maybe can cast one for you. If you can use something that is not "original".
  6. Try Good Year PLIOVIC PLUS . It is 1/2" ID , 3/4 " OD . They have other sises also. Dan
  7. That one can't be fixed? Clean up the housing and re plate it then install a new socket. Dan
  8. An oil filter mount removed from a 1952 Plymouth six cylinder engine. $25.00
  9. I have a spark plug wire guide / coil mount for a 1952 Plymouth six. $25.00
  10. AMC 360 V8 with a Holley Street dominator intake. This is a core engine.Said to be out of a 1974 Jeep Truck. Was on a skid when I bought it. Guy said it was rebuilt but it looks like he did it in a sand box. Otherwise it looks like a usable engine. Asking $200.00.
  11. I have a 1959 Chrysler Imperial engine and cast iron Torque Flite three speed trans. Engine turns free , trans fluid is clear red and smells good.The shift cable is still atatched to the trans along with the emergency brake cable. No carb and no generator. I have an AFB four barrel carb and kit that I would sell separate for $50.00. There is a good starter on the engine.This is the long crank engine. Asking $400.00 for both SOLD
  12. Did you look inside the heater? The little varmints love to nest in there.