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  1. Found the best way to ruin an engine for good is to put about a half cup of Barrs Leak radiator sealant in the crank case. Run the engine for a while to get it to running temp and shut it down . Last time you will do that. Don't think it will work ? Try it on your lawn mower. Them motors are cheap.
  2. Does your original engine have the crank drilled through at the pilot bushing hole to feed the fluid drive ? If it does , the replacement engine must be that way or the fluid coupling won't get any oil.
  3. I have eight exhaust valves, valve springs, spring retainers and seat washers for a Chrysler product Dodge 2.2 Liter, Twin cam Shelby engine. It is about a 1989 vintage engine. Not really sure what year it is. Took them out of a running engine to be replaced by a set of racing valves. $100.00 .
  4. He will not part out his stuff.
  5. I have a friend that has a few old Chevy/ GMC trucks. I will see if he will part with a hood. If he has one ,I will take some pics of it and you can decide.
  6. I worked in power plant development at a large automotive company in Michigan . I worked in all the "special" power plant areas. Turbine, electric, hydrogen and steam. I was assigned to the steam car development crew. My job was to build a steam car from the ground up just to prove it wouldn't work. We hand built the boiler, engine and transmission. There were always parts or safety factor that were incorporated into the system to make it fail. When we found a remedy , it was not allowed to be tested. One of the favorite problems was the start up time. There is a requirement that an automobile
  7. Thought maybe you had some V6 parts laying around and that could be from another engine. I saw that you had a four in your TC.
  8. Looks like the head was casted June 24, 1928
  9. Chrysler had an experimental F head V8 back in 1945.
  10. Here is a picture of the rear of the sump.
  11. Got you a pic and some dimensions. From front of pan rail to front of sump: 4" , Sump length : 9" , Sump depth from top of pan rail to front part of sump : 5 1/8". The drain plug is on the driver side of the sump toward the rear.
  12. I may have one of those also. I will look Tuesday and send you a picture of the one I got.
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