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  1. OK, I get it as to maintaining the original car. I have done that on a number of cars. I am getting "talked" to because I want to put seat belts in the car, I even talked about going to a 12v so I could place a AC as we live in FL. This is not a garage queen but a riding and running car. Disk brakes almost put one individual into the hospital. All items for consideration - not action as of yet. One individual indicated that because I have the junior 52 Package 288 @135 house power I could drop in a 56 Packard V-8 and it's transmission and still maintain the Packard name in lieu of being called "john Snow." Now that killed three purist. Granted, the 288 will run all day, I just want to drive it on the interstate and enjoy the AC if possible and the stopping power in traffic. Manual brakes are not the best in FL traffic. As for seat belts, what harm is that doing? Going to a 12v system so I can have AC that again should not caused me to be send to the wall to fight off the white walkers. As for disk brakes - well having the stopping power to slow down and stop the tons of steel that a 52 Packard maintains in weight is not a bad idea. Which ever way I go I thank each one of you for your comments and recommendation.
  2. After reading all of the comments - I with drawn my question concerning replacing my Packard 288 with an updated crate 350 for the long runs or interstate driving.
  3. I am looking to replace my in line 288 (8), with a new v-8 engine. I have heard and seen a few 52 and 54 Packard cars that have a Chevy 350 installed with a newer transmission. I would also conclude that the rear end gear would have to be replaced. Has anyone accomplished this prior to my asking? If so, any help would be greatly appreciated.