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  1. Hi Renee, Thanks for the note and your interest. Here is your mission.... get on the Antiques Road Show and find out for all of us ! ;-) My Viking Statue was acquired by my father who passed it to me. It sat in the Oldsmobile Museum in Lansing, Michigan...on loan for many years. I eventually connected with a Viking Automobile owner in Arizona, who has three amazing Vikings. It was the cherry on top of his collection. We worked a deal that was fair considering it was near impossible to find any value references. I tried a lot of angles to no avail. I even tried the Doumochelle gallery. I have some knowledge of the history of the statue and the vehicle, shown in the threads of this + some additional documentation, but I could never get to the statue's value. David Wilcox "viking David"
  2. Hi Carl, I have discovered something on the Viking Statue that gives confirmation that this was created to commemorate the Viking auto....See attached photo of the emblem on the saddle straps on the horse. There are three of those on the statue and they seemed like such a specific design, that I looked up the Viking emblem and they matched!Best Regards,David Wilcox
  3. C Carl, thank you for your suggestion. I am not a usual visitor to antique auto forums. If you think you can reach out to Jim, that’s great. I have been fishing around in various place since for more info/history on the statue. The collector that is interested in my statue owns theee Viking automobiles. This statue would be a nice touch to his collection. Regards, david
  4. Dear Jim Morningstar, how much did did you pay for the statue? regards, Viking David
  5. I have also attached an 8x10 Black & White promotional photo of the Viking as well as a photo of the 1930 Viking that is in the R.E. Olds Museum with my Statue.
  6. Hello All. Good info on this forum. I just posted the photos of my Viking Statue. I have the Viking Statue that was shown in the R.E. Olds Museum in Lansing, Michigan. I have been approached by a Viking collector that would like to acquire my statue. I have no idea of value, but probably only a valuable item to a olds Viking collector.