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    58 Edsel Speedometer

    Yeah I was wondering that myself. That image looks more like a Corsair dashboard which was a step up from the Pacer. I don't have the lower panel that covers the e-brake, etc. This suggest to me that it was probably at least optional or not on the Pacers at all because I don't see where the dial would go without having that lower dash panel.
  2. a1idk

    58 Edsel Speedometer

    Drove my 58 Edsel Pacer (4 door hardtop) for the first time (legally) on the road yesterday. It's been a on and off project for over a decade and finally it's legal to drive. Now that I'm actually getting it to driving speed for any period of time I was anxious to see the floating speedometer work as it did beautifully. At some point during my putting around over the past 48 hours I remembered reading some years ago that the speedometer would glow red once a preset speed was reached. A quick Google search confirmed this but there doesn't seem to be much detail on this feature other than "it exist". I've looked at pictures of the speedometer assembly and read everything that looks promising but I don't see any way of setting this "preset" on the speedometer so it will glow red. My next step is to get my hands on a service manual or owner's manual, but I was hoping someone on here could help me out. TLDR: How do I set the preset speed on my 1958 Edsel Pacer's speedometer to make it glow red when that speed is reached?