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  1. 38 plymTk

    Motors Manuals 1935-66

    I'm interested in your 1940 to 55 motors manual. Bruce
  2. There are some online places to check . I would Google 1938 dodge rear bumper . Etc...
  3. 38 plymTk

    Philco Radio 1930's W/Control Head For Sale SOLD

    John made this the nicest and easiest exchange I have ever experienced for an online purchase
  4. 38 plymTk

    1935-52 Mototors Manual- Excellent SOLD

    Id buy this manual My email is bfp.lililee@gmail.com
  5. 38 plymTk

    Wanted 1936 Dodge Pickup Window Regulator

    Still need window regulators? I have a 1938 plymouth truck, I think the same as yours I have several but used have rebuild kit I also manufactured the 4" x 14" (approx) door window channel that goes in the front of the door. I call them "batwings" Let me know I can send pictures
  6. 38 plymTk

    Philco Radio 1930's W/Control Head For Sale SOLD

    Do u still have this radio Bruce bfp.lililee@gmail.com
  7. 38 plymTk

    1937 or 38 Plymouth or Dodge truck parts

    I have misc 38 plymouth truck parts Used window regulators, pass door, batwings (window guides in front of doors) i reproduced, various items
  8. 38 plymTk

    FS 1938 Plymouth PT 57 Pu truck running gear

    I supose this engine is gone?