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  1. Need part number for 1940 LaSalle ignition switch or: Need actual switch....provide preferred mode of contact if have info on one for sale or an AC/Delco switch that will fit on lower dash switch bar
  2. Correct starter solenoid for 1940 LaSalle...does not have to work but needs to be rebuildable
  3. Need a working in dash ammeter to fit a 1940 LaSalle...will consider whole instrument panel if need be
  4. Looking for parts number for 1940 Cadillac/LaSalle starter and/or solenoid....I understand that GM starters for that period are mostly vehicle specific, is that true?...recommendations for where to look for same welcome................
  5. Great idea.....In case I did not mention it is positive + ground.....negative battery cable goes to the starter.....therefore + positive battery post cable to chassis............and as you mention to the starter mounting bolt....... I will begin by replacing existing + positive ground cable to chassis.....then add the additional + cable to starter mounting bolt.....see what happens.....and if need be..... replace starter cable itself and then engine mounting strap.... Starter and solenoid were previously professionally rebuilt and taken back and re-examined when first started....but will repair/replace solenoid if necessary....... Csearider .......maybe change nickname to "ShadeTree"...!!!!
  6. A new Positive ground battery cable was next move.......2nd cable to stqrter mounting bolt an extra good idea Thank You!
  7. This is right on what I been thinking......last two days saying to myself..."Crawl under her and grind some surfaces"......Thought also need the best elec conducting bolt and nut.....suggestions? (strap is new)...
  8. Voltage 8.5v at solenoid The solenoid only clicks and loud enough to hear it click inside the cab. So solenoid not allowing starter to engage Starter was rewired when rebuilt Next step: will verify hot solenoid connection from battery (test light to each terminal) When verified will run wire to battery cable connection on starter from hot solenoid terminal and see if starter turns over.... just for info the system is positive ground The test make take a few days as push button start so will need to put wife in car to push button before she goes to work...(that will be lots of fun!.Ha!ha!) stay tuned!
  9. That is most logical and have done this several times...but, will do again on your advice. Note: starter and solenoid is original, but professionally rebuilt Also, vehicle has been complete new wiring harness from AZ and was professionally supervised by TRAACA car club Also running Pertronix ignition, but did same before it was installed Note 2: Rained for 5 days off and on with popups and no start any day....did not rain today and 4:00pm removed light bulb from starter area (This will help starting when humid) and immediately started up....) ?????? if it rains tomorrow it will not start guaranteed! Thanks Spiney!!!!!!
  10. 1940 LaSalle - Solenoid/starter not engaging when rain or high humidity Works fine in dry weather...Local Auto Electric guy is stumped... Anyone with experience with this situation? 6 v starter/8v battery
  11. Thanks !The patina will go with the surfboard on top.......it is a surf mobile and am putting something out there to stimulate sports people to consider taking old cars, making them mechanically sound and looks secondary.....where the patina contains character for the surfer look. Save An Old Vehicle/Save an Old Board! There are several youtube videos about linseed oil for this type of finish......but, wax is also under consideration. Thanks again!
  12. Looking for advice on preserving existing paint patina on 1940 LaSalle . Do not want to clear coat as do not like the "fake" look of clear. I have Dewalt with polishing bonnet - buff it bare or use (?). Most of paint appears to have a sheen under existing that would buff nicely. I am considering then wiping down with lindseed oil (anyone use this and what were results.
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