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  1. I guess storing it in the rafters was not the best idea
  2. Will post some pictures this evening here is an older picture of the wheels. (Before I bought them) Wheels still look the same. The tires are yellowing with dry rot on the white walls
  3. Have a sale pending on my '32 Buick and I need to make some room in my garage. All of these parts came from a 1932 60 series Buick. I have a set of 5 wood wheels in great shape with wide whitewall tires that are dry rotting and I would only use around the house. Also have 5 mix matched (but very close) artillery hubcaps and correct lug nuts. $750 for the wheels, tires, hubcaps and lugnuts. I have a good rear end with new seals. $200 I have a good front end. $200. I have a full set of (4) shock absorbers $200. I have a complete steering column, but it was in the top of my garage and
  4. The Buick is Sold (pending payment) Thanks for the interest. I still have some 60 series parts available. Rear end, front end, brake rods, shocks, 5 wood wheels in great shape, and a few other misc. parts
  5. It looks good beside the 32 chevy anyway. So if it doesn’t sell I will get to it
  6. Forgot to add----the price is $11,000 (as pictured) without the wood wheels
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