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  1. I am planning on attending the Hershey meet in October if anyone is interested in any of the parts and can bring them with me. If the show doesn't get cancelled again.
  2. I guess storing it in the rafters was not the best idea
  3. Will post some pictures this evening here is an older picture of the wheels. (Before I bought them) Wheels still look the same. The tires are yellowing with dry rot on the white walls
  4. Have a sale pending on my '32 Buick and I need to make some room in my garage. All of these parts came from a 1932 60 series Buick. I have a set of 5 wood wheels in great shape with wide whitewall tires that are dry rotting and I would only use around the house. Also have 5 mix matched (but very close) artillery hubcaps and correct lug nuts. $750 for the wheels, tires, hubcaps and lugnuts. I have a good rear end with new seals. $200 I have a good front end. $200. I have a full set of (4) shock absorbers $200. I have a complete steering column, but it was in the top of my garage and a tree fell on the garage during a recent hurricane bending the steering wheel and the out tube. I believe the steering rod is not bent and the steering box is fine. It has the ride controls still attached also. Make offer. I have brake rods, brake cables and other misc parts. Make offer. I will sell Everything listed above for $1,000
  5. The Buick is Sold (pending payment) Thanks for the interest. I still have some 60 series parts available. Rear end, front end, brake rods, shocks, 5 wood wheels in great shape, and a few other misc. parts
  6. It looks good beside the 32 chevy anyway. So if it doesn’t sell I will get to it
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