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  1. Hey Jim, do you still have the tires? Bought a set but still in need of some more. My brother and I have several projects going. My phone number is 251-423-0502. Mike.
  2. Are they in decent condition? I am definitely interested in all 8. I need 4 and my brother needs 4. I am in Mobile Al. 36619. Thanks for checking with me
  3. Here is the heat riser and carb. Carburetor needs to be rebuilt.
  4. Complete and great running original engine and transmission from. 1932 Buick model 66. $3,000 for engine, transmission and components shown. $2,000 for the engine only. If I keep the down draft intake and carb I will sell the rest for $2,500. It comes with original updraft intake, heat riser and carb. The heat riser has a weld repair but looks good.
  5. Definitely interested though. Thanks for checking
  6. And wondering how old (or dry rotted) they might be. Either way they would at least look good while running around the yard while restoring ..
  7. Just checked back in. Hard to make an offer not seeing a picture. Any way you can send me some pics?
  8. I am looking for some 6.50x16 tires also. If you still have them. I will check on shipping to Mobile Al
  9. Good running engine converted to downdraft carburetor. Have the original carb and heat riser if preferred but the heat riser has a weld repair. $2,000 for the complete engine only or $3,000 for the engine and transmission. It is all bolted together as it was pulled from the car. The guy is making a streetrod out of the model 66 that it came out of. Has brake pedal, clutch pedal and hand brake still attached. 251-423-0502. Mike
  10. I have decided to sell my spare engine and transmission to make room and finance another project. Good running engine has been converted to down draft carb. Can be bought with this setup or I have the original setup. The original heat riser has a weld repair and the original carb needs to be rebuilt. Engine only is $2,000 and the engine with transmission is $3,000. It is all still bolted together as it was pulled from the car. The guy I bought it from is making a streetrod out of his Buick .
  11. I have decided I have too much stuff around. The 60 series engine is for sale. $2,000 for the good running engine. And $3,000 for the engine and transmission still bolted together. Clutch, clutch pedal, brake pedal shifter and emergency brake. It has been converted to down draft carb but the original intake and carb can be had. Original Carb needs rebuild. Original heat riser has a weld repair but looks good.
  12. Planning on keeping the engine and trans for spares for my car. Gas tanks are hard to find. Got a modified Dodge tank in mine. Mac Blair had a 60 series tank last time I saw him.
  13. I still have the shocks. I will have to check to see if I have the adjuster but it should be in the parts collection. Will sell the set of 4 shocks for $300 plus shipping. They can be picked up in Mobile Al or delivered to the Hershey swap meet. If the meet is not cancelled