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  1. reduced to $39,900 At the end of the week an antique car dealer is taking the car into his very large showroom on consignment. He will keep it there until sold. He sells worldwide. Spring and better weather brings out a lot more interest. Great car for someone.
  2. By him letting it go to his estate I meant his daughter and husband. He will leave it to them. They are young enough to keep it rather than liquidate it. the are financially well off and have lots of garage room.
  3. He bought it for high $40's. Put in another $7500 as follow; Had radiator checked out and flushed entire system. Heater core etc. Had brakes, checked out, all hoses lines, engine completely checked out, making sure that car would be roadworthy being that it was so old. He spared no expense in having every system gone through after buying it. I am sure he knows that he will take a loss. I think he would take $10k less than asking. Otherwise it will go to his estate. He does have paperwork documenting the true mileage of the car and owners etc etc and originality of the car.. His
  4. Thanks for your input. the price is not firm. He is hearbroken about selling his car . Hope it goes to a person who loves it as much as he does. Charlie
  5. My 90 year old friend has an original 1940 packard show car for sale due to his health issues. The car is showroom condition inside and out and runs perfectly. the odometer shows 19,600 miles. Mileage is verifiable by documents from all 3 owners. Original interior seats etc etc. The car is stored in his garage in Florida and started daily. My E mail is chashof@gmail.com Vin # 316425 120 model 1801 The owner is 3rd owner. He has all documentation from new until present including all repair receipts and original owners manual. Original spare tire still in trunk. Original floor mats.
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