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  1. Yes, measurements is in cm, we saw bigger than us haha like from buick eight in line from roadmaster, that is monstrum !
  2. Thanks for answear @Graham Man, we still try to save us original manifold. In Poland its hard to find a good welding shop which will fix it, and give us guarantees for this work :(
  3. Hello, like in topic, im looking for exhaust manifold (look attachments for photo) for my Buick Master Six 28-50 with in-line six. Unfortunately us after "rebulid" in professional workshop looking like on photos... We have friend in Chicago so shiping is not a problem, Best regards from Poland Simon
  4. Hello I bought buick 1928 and i have one problem, when i driving my bearing in the front wheel has blurred. I'm trying to find them but web is empty. The number which i have on bearing is SKF XH1113164. If someone can help with find bearing i will be greatfull.
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