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  1. One for the Model 20 team.... in filling the diff with oil, which of the two bungs represents the correct fill height? My diff pumpkin has two square bungs at the rear, one being slightly higher than the other. I am guessing it is the lower one but want to be sure. Thanks, Peter
  2. Thanks Karl and David, Appreciate your guidance on these topics. With regards to the tool kit, my only reference is Bill Cuthbert's "The Hupmobile Story" (Page 23). Bill details that the Model 20 came with a screwdriver, pliers, monkey wrench, 2 x wrenches (5/16 and 7/16), oil can, valve grinding tool, tire pump, tire repair kit and tool kit bag. Who knows, there may be a machine out there with it's original tool set? Thanks again, Peter
  3. Hi, Hoping the Model 20 team can help educate me re a couple of features of this machine. My questions: 1. Did early 1910 cars come equipped with a cover over the flywheel? 2. Did 1910 Hups carry a Selden Patent plate and if so, where were these displayed? 3. Does anyone have an original tool kit or parts of the tool kit they could share a picture of? 4. What type of gasket material are people using as a seal for the water inlet/outlet connections to the cylinder blocks? 5. What material is the steering wheel spider made of? Has anyone had any success welding this alloy? Thanks in advance for any info that can be shared, Peter
  4. Thanks for providing the apron details Trimacar... greatly appreciated. Happy New Year!
  5. Thanks all for the welcome. By way of response: Trimacar - thanks for the offer of the copy of the Breeze carb manual. I have sent you an email. The dimensions/pictures of the front apron would be greatly appreciated. With regards to color schemes, my understanding is that the car should be red & black. Perhaps one day I will repaint the car in its original red livery. Just going to enjoy it as is for now. Hupp36 - the alloy hub caps are all OK. The piece that is damaged is a brass grease cup or oiler fitted to the underside of the rear spring shackles (one left and one right). See picture attached of the remaining healthy specimen. Are these the original grease cups? Thanks again for the feedback and support... very much appreciated.
  6. Yes original Breeze carburetor is in place. Engine number is 1866. My observations are that the car needs a front apron and original magneto switch for the dash. It is set up with a prest-o-lite tank at present but the right frame rail appears to have been drilled for a carbide generator. I also need to replace one of the grease cups on the rear end as this has been damaged. A few other jobs to do before spring!
  7. Hi all, I am an Aussie living in Pittsburgh USA. I just joined the forum. I recently purchased a 1910 Model 20 (Car No:1994). Not the usual red on black but rather this one is painted dark green. Pictures attached. Cheers, Peter
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