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  1. The Corcoran lenses were made under several brand names. Riteway was one of them. Check for lens model #. If it starts with CB, it is a Corcoran Brown lens. Merry Christmas
  2. As for motorcycles, I have been unable to find any Corcoran items. I learned Corcoran made carbide generators/lamps for both Harley and Indian. But I have no documentation.. Jeff Corcoran
  3. I have been encouraged to commit to writing the "Corcoran" history. But like everythin else, time flies by. I think a book on the early auto lamps would be wonderful. Jeff Corcoran
  4. Terry Over years of collecting, I gathered the information provided from numerous sources- none on the internet. However there is a story about the first Chevrolet being built in the Corcoran Plant in Detroit. Family bible, newspaper clips etc. The information provided is general. Is there a specific question you have. If so, feel free to ask and I will see what I can find. Jeff Corcoran
  5. I just posted a history but it doesn't show here. Either disappeared or is posted elsewhere.
  6. The Corcoran Lamp Company was started by Thomas H. Corcoran after the civil war in Cincinnati, OH. They made carriage lamps. At one point they were considered the largest lamp manufacturer in the US. Thomas H. had 5 sons and 3 daughters. The oldest was my great grandfather, Thomas J. Other siblings were John L, Edward B, George, William J, Alice, Jenny, and Mary Thomas J. took over the Carriage lamp business in the late 1800's and in 1905 he discontinued marketing to the carriage lamp industry and focused on manufacturing auto lamps. William Corcoran (brother of Thomas J) started Corcoran Manufacturing Co. They produced aftermarket products for Ford, Chev and others. One of their brands was "Peerless". Edward started the Victor Lamp Co. and was a competitor of Corcoran Lamp until Thomas J bought out his brother around 1918. The company became Corcoran-victor Lamp Co. Corcoran Lamp Co had 2 plants. One plant in Cincinnati and one in Detroit. After the Detroit plant closed, (early teens I believe), William Durant, a friend of Thomas J, assembled the first Chevrolet in the Corcoran plant. In the '20s, the company reverted to "Corcoran Lamp Co, dropping Victor from the name. Corcoran then bought out Jno. Brown Lamps in Columbus Oh. Not sure of the date but the company became Corcoran-Brown and continued under that name until the early 1940's when the company was sold to "Electric Auto Lite". During the 40's, Corcoran-Brown produced a large variety of lamps for the military. Thomas J died in 1940.
  7. In February of 2016 there were several questions about Corcoran Lamps and related auto products. I am happy to try to correct many misconceptions and confirm accurate facts. Thanks Jeff Corcoran
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