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  1. Brand New gears. Tapered bore with keyway. Machined to fit T axles. $400.00 plus shipping.
  2. Our Pioneer Tractor was built in 1912 to give an idea when the tractors were built.
  3. Would like to hear your thoughts on this cabinet photo. Was told the gentlemen were salesmen for the tractor company. I'm going to try and recreate this photo when my speedster is done. I'm guessing there clothing is a clue to just what Their purpose was. Pioneer Tractor company sponsored car? I'm sure some of you will have ideas.
  4. Please get ahold of me. I'll get that stuff out of your way!?
  5. Not a chance! Going to leave the paint alone.? I'm kinda partial to the "in the work clothes" look.
  6. Nothing to hide here. Standing invitation to all. If any of you are in the Albany MN area drop me a note and I'll be sure you get The three dollar tour of our collection. Thanks!
  7. Central Minnesota. They came out of ND. A friend and his father drug them home in the 60's. I was born and raised a steel wheel tractor and gas engine guy. This car thing is very new to me. I have spoken to Spencer. Had a great visit on the phone. I'm going the way of the speedster with this. Way to much work to get it done like his.
  8. Anyone currently in the process of restoring or working on one of these. You don't see alot around. I'm working on a project now and would love to make contact with other people working on One. I have alot of extra parts to sell and trade but need the same. Quite ahead of there time With the overhead valve engine. Any information will be appreciated! Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  9. I have basically 2 complete parts cars. Will trade or sell what anyone can use. I want to get one going. Kind of rare critters it seems. I need alot of parts also. Thank you for your consideration! New at This forum thing. Bare with me.
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