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  1. Looking for a Minnesota or Kansas plate. I do have a '16 Kansas plate to trade or cash deal. Thanks for your consideration. Mike Peternell
  2. I just got clearence from the wife. I'll be heading down there today to have a look about. Let me know what you want pictures of. Mike Peternell
  3. https://www.k-bid.com/auction/32028/item/3?offset=3 No connection or knowledge of actual value. I am sure you can't build one for that money.
  4. Thanks for dating it! Wasn't sure how early it was. Someone will surely know what car it fits.
  5. A friend gave me this. Not sure what it fits, but for some reason I can picture it on the car. I thought it would be easier to ask the professionals than to spend a hour on the googler trying to figure it out. Your thoughts? Thanks! Mike Peternell
  6. Sorry Al!! I missed your question. Check you tube for a video of the first start. Thanks for the help!
  7. Made a little progress on the Cleveland. Going to try the first start up tomorrow.
  8. Model F Cletrac. Approximately 1920. Not exactly auto related but when Looking for a needle in a haystack might as well check all the stacks I can. My apologies for getting off topic. Thanks for looking!
  9. It's a long shot but maybe one of you folks would have one of these Or a lead for one. Thanks for looking!
  10. I just shipped an in line 6 cylinder Cleveland engine from Salt Lake City to St Cloud MN. $150.00. Can't say enough good things about the Fastenal Folks!
  11. Working on a project. I have basically 2 cars want to get at one going. A set of wheels to get one up and rolling would really help. If you need Parts let me know. Anything I don't need I'm willing to part with.
  12. Hauled jug's in for boring and dropped off piston to be recast. Piston Without wrist pin and rings 88.5 lbs. With wrist pin and rings-113.5lbs.
  13. Need case. Have good internals. Would consider complete transmission. Thanks!
  14. 1920 Cleveland. Got what's left of a pair.
  15. 1914 30-60 Hart Parr two cylinder horizontal engine. Jug's and crankcase.
  16. One for the motor heads. One of the other projects going in the shop. Friend did the math this morning and came up with 371cu inches per jug. Seems a bit underated for 60hp. LOL!
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