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  1. Some pics of the J30 at Albany Pioneer Days. Definitely not a parade vehicle! With a cone clutch being grabby and tall gears I'm guessing it would do 50mph!
  2. If anyone is interested. This will be on display at Albany Pioneer Days this weekend.
  3. https://bid.aumannauctions.com/lot-details/index/catalog/28297/lot/4313355?url=%2Fauctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F28297%2F Question to the Chandler folks. What did I buy?
  4. I believe it's an A front end and a Studebaker frame. The radiator,engine,transmission, rear axles and wheels are the only things Stoughton. Not a lot to be found on the googler.
  5. Looking for any information or other owners of such animal. This is what I have.
  6. Morning George, It's only 43 miles, any local towing company can take care of it. Mike Peternell
  7. Looking for someone to rebuild my MB1 carb. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks for your consideration. Michael Peternell
  8. It's exactly like a very well restored pre war car. You can buy it all done cheaper than you can do it starting from parts!
  9. Here you go. The last picture shows the rear wheel steering.
  10. Please post some pics of your truck. I'll try and take some of our truck to post later on.
  11. Please send pics if you still have the rear end. 3060rumley@gmail.com
  12. I copied some original stuff I collected. Let me know if anyone is interested. These didn't cost much. Not trying to make any money. Just figured we're a small bunch and would pass it on to those that care.
  13. I'll second the Rudy Calin endorsement. He just rebuilt my Bosch DU4. I took a hit testing it out. Wow!! Felt the zap through both shoulders! Very reasonable. My rebuild was under$200.00. Mike Peternell
  14. Good morning sir, anything for an early '20's Cleveland 6 model 40? Thanks for your consideration! Mike Peternell
  15. Took these pictures yesterday. Found this post today. Kinda cool!
  16. Passing through there a few times a week. Let me know what you want looked at.
  17. https://youtu.be/NKyQ_twyPMA Here's the link to the first start video.
  18. Found one! Thanks for your consideration!
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